64 Slice CT Scan Cost

How much does 64 Slice CT Scan Cost

64 Slice CT scan is one of the major advancements in the field of CT scanning. It has given the cardiologists as well as radiologists ample scope to study the diseases of the arteries, reasons for a possible heart attack. The 64 Slice CT scan cost varies in different hospitals so it is essential to know the cost involved.

64 Slice CT scan is also known as 64 Computed Tomography. It is one of the latest developments in the field of CT scan technology. The pictures of the body are taken as an X-ray ‘slice of the body’ which is recorded. It is called as slices because the entire surface of the body which needs to be examined can be seen from the center to the crust. These in turn give a three dimensional picture of the organ of the body under diagnosis. There are a number of detectors called as ‘slices’ that are present on the scanner to pick up the images of the body which help in giving a multidimensional view of the body’s exterior.

Working of the 64 Slice CT scan- During the CT scan, the scanner rotates around the patient who is made to lie on a table. The scanner is then able to take a number of pictures of the organ of the body under examination. Since multitude images can be taken out on a computer so it becomes easier to have a three dimensional view of the affected organ, rather than the x-rays which give only a two dimensional view. So it makes it easier for the physician to look at the body from almost each and every possible direction to have a detailed and precise look.

Cost of 64 Slice CT Heart scan- The average cost of 64 Slice CT heart scan may range anywhere from $750- $1500. This price is mostly applicable in those Heart Scan Centres’ where there is no provision of insurance benefits. Since the price may vary in different centres so it is most important for you to get a detailed survey done before you go for the scan. You may find that there may be a great price variation, you can check online as well for price of 64 Slice CT heart scan. But it is less expensive than the traditional angiography.

How useful is 64 Slice CT Scan- 64 Slice CT scan has proved to be useful in analysing various diseases of the body like coronary artery stenosis, angina, and acute coronary syndrome. Since the images produced are of a high resolution so it is all the more preferred. In fact, 64 Slice CT Heart Scan has been found to be more beneficial that angiography in some of the cases.

Risks involved with 64 Slice CT scan- Since the technique makes use of radiation so there is a fear that it may lead to cancer. Thus it should be done only when there is too much of a need and the physician has directed to go for it. Because of its harmful effects, the pregnant women should not be exposed to such radiations because it may affect the health of the unborn child. Always follow the instructions of the physician when you undergo 64 Slice CT scan.

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