64 Slice Heart CT Scan

Treatment with 64 Slice Heart CT Scan

64 Slice heart CT scan is a step ahead than all its predecessors as it makes the diagnosis more visually clear and accurate. It is able to detect the various cardiovascular abnormalities and also tells whether there is a need to go for angiography or not.

The treatment with 64 Slice Heart CT Scan is very beneficial and should be resorted to when the physician directs.

Heart Diseases have become a major issue around the world. Almost every year, more than a million people are diagnosed by one or the other type of heart disease. A number of diagnostic techniques are now available to examine the heart diseases, the latest advancement being the 64 Slice Heart CT Scan. It was first introduced in USA in 2005, since then it has been found to be very useful.

The 64 Slice Heart CT scanners are the latest as well as the greatest version of the multi slice scanners. They help the cardiologists in detecting who in reality needs to go for angioplasty or coronary bypass surgery and to know whether the problem can be mitigated with treatment alone. Various studies have been conducted to found the efficacy of this scan and results have proved that around 91% of the patients who were suffering from blockages were detected by 64 Slice CT scan and around 83% were detected without blockages. Thus, they are exact as well as precise. It has become quite easy now to predict coronary artery diseases and so they can be treated before the situation worsens. The 64 Slice CT heart scan is able to diagnose around 98% of the heart’s arterial networks.

Advantages of a 64 Slice Heart CT scan- the greatest benefit with this scanner is that it can take the pictures of the heart at a very fast rate- approximately 200 images in just a second. So the images of the heart from almost all the angles are available. The 3-D images of the heart and the surrounding arteries are now available. It has made possible faster imaging and that too at a lower radiation. So they are said to be an improvement over their predecessors like 16 slice devices.

Side effects of 64 Slice CT heart scan- A few risks are also associated with the use of this scan. There is a possibility of reaction to the contrast media which is used to highlight the coronary arteries. It may cause allergic reactions and may even harm the kidneys. The ionizing radiations being produced during the process can also prove to be harmful to the entire body. The fear of cancer caused due to exposure to radiations also runs high so it should be resorted to only when there is an urgent need as per the physician. Pregnant women are at a greater risk because the radiations may harm the unborn child, so it is better to inform the physician about the pregnancy beforehand.

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