Abdominal Gas Pains

Abdominal Gas Relief

Abdominal gas is also referred to a flatus, having abdominal gas is normal. It could be very embarrassing and uncomfortable thing to have although it is not that serious medical issue. There are many cause of abdominal pain that includes swallowing of air and breaking down of undigested food.

There are some simple solutions that can help when it comes to resolving this problem.


Abdominal gas is also known as flatus or flatulence. Everyone can experience having gas in their stomach once in awhile. They usually release it through burping or the gas can pass via the rectum. Normally, people can give off gas as much as 14 times a day. So don’t be alarm if you experience releasing gas all throughout the day. Abdominal gas is usually an odorless vapor. It is composed mainly of carbon dioxide, oxygen, hydrogen, nitrogen and methane. Sometimes abdominal gas doesn’t have a pleasing odor. This is caused by bacteria found in the large intestine that have small amount of sulfur in it. Although having gas in the stomach is normal, it can give an uncomfortable feeling and it is very embarrassing. It is important that you understand its causes and symptoms so that you can find solutions for it.

Abdominal Gas Causes

There are a lot of causes for abdominal gas. A person can have gas in the stomach due to swallowed air and the breakdown of undigested food by bacteria found in the colon. There are certain types of food found in the normal diet that can cause gas. Food that contains sugar, starches and fibers are usually the ones that can cause gas in the abdomen. Examples of food and drinks that have gas are beans, pears, apples, whole wheat, broccoli, soft drinks and milk products. There are other causes of gas in the stomach. It includes antibiotics, irritable bowel syndrome and mal absorption.

There are a number of symptoms in which you can feel that there is a gas trapped in your stomach however not everyone will have the same kind of experience. People have different ways of knowing that they have gas in the stomach. The most common symptoms are abdominal bloating, pain in the stomach and belching. Belching is the air coming from your digestive tract that passes through the mouth.  

Abdominal Gas Treatment

There are many ways to treat and reduce gas in the stomach. These include diet, oral medication and lessening the amount of air you swallow. You need to watch your diet and avoid products that can cause gas. Avoid fatty foods so that you can reduce the bloating feeling and discomfort. Unfortunately, diet varies from person to person. In order to make your diet effective, it is best if to do trial and error on the food you can handle. There are also non prescription drugs that are sold in the market that can help you to reduce the symptoms of abdominal gas. For those who experience belching, your doctors can advice you tips on how to avoid swallowing air. It is best to avoid chewing gum or eat at slow pace.

Having gas in the stomach is very uncomfortable and embarrassing but it is not something that is life threatening. You can ask the doctor’s help if there are other symptoms that you are feeling aside from abdominal gas. It includes rectal pain, heartburn, vomiting, diarrhea, constipation and weight loss. You should also consult your doctor if you have an oily or bloody stool.

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