Acupressure for High Blood Pressure

Utilizing Acupressure to Control High Blood Pressure

Acupressure for high blood pressure is a form of massage technique that is quite effective. It is one of the natural ways which can lower down your blood pressure. There are some tips that you must remember if you are planning to use acupressure to control the flow of the blood.

Acupressure massages stimulates the body and maintain the pressure throughout the body. This eventually helps improve the internal functions of the body. Some of the mostly used acupressure techniques include pressing, rubbing, kneading, pushing, grasping, scrubbing and patting. These methods are mostly employed to control high blood pressure for short terms.

There is no very hard and fast rule for acupressure massage techniques. May be you feel that you are not pressing the same way as the practitioner does. But you should never worry about it. You should knead and rub the way you feel better.

Useful tips for acupressure massage:

  • First of all, trim your nails and then apply oil or talcum powder massage on whole of your body to protect your skin.
  • Since acupressure massage techniques can be self-helped, you should perform it in the way you feel best. If you are feeling uncomfortable in any way, you should modify the massage techniques according to your comfort.
  • You should not implement acupressure massage techniques with a full or completely empty stomach. It can have adverse effects. Also, you should not implement the acupressure massage techniques after having a hard physical exercise.
  • Do not practice acupressure massage techniques after recovering from a severe disease or operation. This is because of the fact that you require complete and straight bed rest after an operation.
  • Never apply oil or talcum powder massage on open wounds. It can ruin up the wound and can cause severe pain and itching.
  • Swollen areas of the body should be kept away from the oil and talcum powder massage. Similarly injured areas of the body should be kept covered while doing acupressure massage.
  • Acupressure massage should also be not applied on the lower back of women and pregnant.

You should be completely relaxed, calm and peaceful while going for a acupressure massage. It is a rest and relaxation exercise which should be done in a related environment to have best possible results. There are a number of websites over internet from where you can learn acupressure massage techniques. In addition, you can go to the doctor or physician and can get acupressure massage techniques advice. Doctor will properly guide you for the massage technique and will also inform you about any dangers or problems that are may be associated with the acupressure massage.

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