Acupuncture for Diabetes

How Effective is Acupuncture in Treating Diabetes

Acupuncture for diabetes treatment is basically Chinese therapy. It is said to be quite effective in the treatment of diabetes. It helps in reducing the blood sugar level especially in the individuals who are suffering from Type 2 diabetes. Research is going on to prove how effective is acupuncture in treating diabetes.

As many as 20 points in the body have been identified by the acupuncturists that can help in lowering the blood sugar level. Some of these points are- quchi, zusanli,and yishu. A few other points’ are-yuj, guanyuan, baihui. These points are different from patient to patient and it all depends upon the diabetic medical history and the stage to which the diabetes has already advanced. Only when all the proper research has been made that the acupuncturists start the treatment. Though acupuncture is helpful in curing diabetes but it cannot completely treat the disease. The patient may be called once or twice a week for the acupuncture therapy and the course of the treatment will basically depend upon the improvement in patient’s health as well as the lowering of blood sugar level.

Benefits of Acupuncture

Various researches have been conducted which have revealed that acupuncture is a great asset for the diabetic patients. It not only helps to reduce the sugar level but lowers the release of pancreatic glucagon, increases cell proliferation, prevents the slowing of motor nerve conduction, it also enhances blood outflow and also induces the secretion of endogenous beta-endorphin. Acupuncture is also known to reduce the symptoms of excessive hunger, increased urination and excessive thirst. It helps in controlling all these aspects.

Process involved in Acupuncture

Pulse Diagnosis is of utmost necessity in each session of the acupuncture, and the aim is to strengthen the weak yin each time. The patient is also given complete food advices like the Low Glycemic food, low fat diet, benefits of yoga, meditation, everyday walking and breathing exercises. The positive aspect of acupuncture is that it is a comprehensive plan for the treatment which takes into account the complete body functioning and then only it moves ahead. So it is said to be a much better treatment than others.

During the process of acupuncture the minimum and maximum temperatures at various points is closely monitored by the acupuncturists. Difference in temperatures around the eyes, forehead and mouth is analysed before the treatment began and after the treatment. The treatment is based on the Five Element theory of Earth, Water, Fire, Wood and Air with the help of which various hormonal factors causing diabetes are controlled.
Diabetic acupuncture treatment is also known to reduce the healing time of various wounds like ulcers. Yet another benefit is that the patient experiences a reduction in cholesterol level and also cardiovascular diseases. Acupuncture offers more solace for those patients who have diabetes for just a few years or suffer from minor symptoms of diabetes, younger generation can benefit more from it than the old people.

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