Alcohol Abuse among Teens

Tips for Reducing Alcohol Abuse among Teens

Considered main problem in the American region and other parts of the world alcohol abuse among teens has become draconian case today. Estimations reveal that approximately 28.6 percent adolescents in their post matriculation phase and more than forty percent college going youths are the victims of this inconsiderable abuse. These youths drink alcohol while they face most challenging health issues. The situation has become a serious cause of concern though.

Problem of alcohol abuse amongst youngsters in their adolescent is too much plaguing. Worst impact is seen when alcohol abuse creates difficulties that are not easily coped up. Few behavioral changes are common in these circumstances that ultimately cause panic behavior and related problems. It is so dangerous that one can feel how adolescents experience adverse situation in personal, social and professional lives.

Worst Effects

Alcohol intake by youngsters causes many desperate situations. Once adolescents drink they are still not prepared to bear the impact of wine. Resultantly their bodies overreact and compel them to face the challenge of becoming a victim of damaged body when their minds already get paralyzed severely. Physical damage is common, so are personal intrusions. Such youths are trapped by alcohol abuse and face a situation in which their lives get disrupted completely. Insomnia and other diseases become common.

Converging Impact

Though looks ironical but the fact can’t be denied that alcohol abuse amongst adolescents have worst impact on the basis of gender too. There are differences in damaging of health when it comes to alcohol abuse by boys and girls. Their effect on the health is always noticed. Biggest problem is that attention seeking aptitude of teens gets differentiated due to constant alcohol abuse. Younger people especially girls’ loose mental balance due to that.

Related Impacts

Fifty percent of the youngsters under the age of 21 dying in accidents or car crashes are alcohol abusers. Maximum number of violent deaths of teens happens due to alcohol abuse. Similar is the case with suicidal symptoms. Large chunk of adolescents do suicidal attempt due to heavy alcohol drinking. Besides that large number of sexual crimes, especially teen ‘sexual engagements’ and forced sex happen due to alcohol. Experts opine that alcohol abuse is major reason in all such cases. Cases of unprotected sex and sexual encounters with strangers by hook or by crook are common scenes when one takes alcohol excessively.

Alcohol abuse causes several harms that teens even fail to have control over them and henceforth face worst phase of their lives. Supplementary problems are emotional traumas – exclusively anxiety and depression – and bringing one in a situation where nothing is managed easily. Youths start taking drugs such as marijuana, cocaine or heroin when they are abused excessively by alcohol. They even fail to understand where they go as the paths they choose lead them to nadir.

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