Alcohol and Drug Abuse Prevention

Prevention for Alcohol and Drug Abusing

In order to solve the menace of alcohol and drug abuse, it is equally important to know about its harmful effects and the preventive strategies which are available to counter the same. Though the problem has no direct cure but efforts by family and the person himself can work wonders and ease the recovery process.

The twin problems of Alcohol and Drug abuse can pose a great threat not only in the life of the person who suffers from it but even his family members too suffer at his behest.

The problem needs a sincere thought and effective strategies should be adopted in order to root out the disease.

Effects of alcohol and drug abuse- the entire social fabric gets disturbed because of alcohol and drug abuse. It plays havoc not just with the person’s own health but also causes extensive damage to the loved ones, family members and the society. This is also followed up by higher rates of absenteeism from the work place, accidents, illness, violent behaviour, domestic abuse.

On the health front, the person who is alcoholic or addicted to drugs may suffer from various liver or heart diseases, stomach problems, numbness, loss of memory, erectile dysfunction.

Reasons for alcohol and drug abuse- various reasons are responsible like job stress, availability of alcohol and drugs at the workplace, family tensions, family history of addiction, peer pressure, drastic changes in life.

Preventive strategies with regard to alcohol and drug abuse- alcohol and other drugs can alter your perceptions, vision and hearing; it can even lead to dangerous behaviour so preventive strategies need to be taken. It needs to be remembered that alcoholism and drug abuse cannot be simply treated with the help of medicines alone. It requires determination and strong will in order to recover. The love and support of the family and friends is most valuable. For effective recovery, the person can be admitted to the alcohol rehabilitation centre but here too his own self will matters a lot. Alcoholics who are pressurised for treatment because of societal pressure rarely succeed.

A number of medicines too have been prescribed by the Food and Drug Administration, USA like Antabuse (disulfiram), Naltrexone (Revia), Acamprosate (Campral). These act as a deterrent in one way or the other and provide relief to the patient. Alcoholics Anonymous is a support group which is also working towards the same goal. It helps the alcoholics to withdraw from drinking by sharing each other’s experiences.

The families of such patients should always bear in mind that no one can force the person to stop using drugs or alcohol. The final decision always rest on the alcoholic or drug abuser, the family can just give the much desired boost. The withdrawl symptoms are sometimes deadly and painful so try to be with the patient and understand his problem. Remember that the patient will take long time for complete recovery.

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