Alcoholic Neuropathy Treatment

Existing Alcoholic Neuropathy Treatments

Neuropathy is the term used to denote damage in the nerves. In most cases, the prime cause of the nerve damage is excessive drinking of alcohol. When alcohol neuropathy is present, it must be given with appropriate attention. There are existing alcoholic neuropathy treatments that you can utilize. This article will supply you with information concerning the subject.

When the early signs and symptoms of the presence of alcoholic neuropathy are already present, it must be given with prompt medical treatment. Late providing of the alcoholic neuropathy treatment will not render desirable results.

Alcohol Neuropathy Basic Information

Alcoholic neuropathy is the name used in order to refer to the damages in the nerves brought by excessive intake of alcohol. Although this disease is most common in males, there are also some women who are affected. When the nerves of the human body are compromised, it can lead to other serious effects. Example of this is non-efficient transmission of the nerve impulses. In addition, there is also decrease in the delivery of the blood supply from the various parts of the body. Aside from the effects in the supply of the blood, this condition may also lead to the weakness in the muscle tom and sensorium of the compromised individual. The treatments of alcoholic neuropathy are focused on the following:

  • Controlling its symptoms
  • Maximizing the function of the affected parts
  • Preventing possible injury

Medications for Alcoholic Neuropathy

Taking in some ordered medications is important. In the case of alcoholic neuropathy, there is development of uncomfortable sensations. Analgesics, for example, can be used in order to decrease the pain felt by affected individuals. Tricyclic antidepressants are usually ordered by the doctor just in case the pain is already being characterized like that of stabbing. This classification of drug is usually ordered in advanced case of the alcoholic neuropathy.


When there is occurrence of alcoholic neuropathy, there is a tendency that one or more of the body functions may be altered. Particularly, there may be weakening of the muscles that will happen. In order to avoid muscle wasting, it is essential for the patient of this condition to do less intense exercise. These exercises are usually intended for the enhancement of the current tone of the muscles. For the appropriate exercises, it is recommended to undergo consultation first. Varieties of exercise are available for patients of alcoholic neuropathy. However, the type of exercise varies from case to case.

Managing Complications

Prevention of injury is another hallmark treatment of the disease. This involves execution of some measures which will decrease the risk of the patient with the disease in acquiring further health alterations. Particularly, you must check the temperature of the water before the patient with alcoholic neuropathy will take a bath. This is because of the decrease in the sensation of victims of this disease. Inspection of the feet of the person with alcoholic neuropathy is also another advised measure. This is done to check the presence of possible feet injuries unfelt by the one with this disease.

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