Ankle Ligament Reconstruction

Tips for Ankle Ligament Reconstruction

It is true that many surgical options are available before us to fruition ankle ligament reconstruction. Have proper arrangement of necessary aspects including readying x-rays for better diagnosis and taking special care in all such situations prior to your surgery. It demands extreme as well as extempore preparation. You must avoid taking food or drinking anything for at least six hours before this surgery, so should you avoid smoking to attain positive result.

Major developments in sciences which focus at surgeries have brought before us several effective options. Ankle ligament reconstruction surgery is one of them that are formulated by application of advanced techniques. But this surgery requires utmost care and prevention. You can’t ignore side effects and many other issues that are of much importance in ankle ligament reconstruction. Keep all factors in mind when undergoing such surgery. Your surgeon would guide you better about making systematic planning.


A person undergoing ankle ligament surgery must avoid eating anything for at least 6 hours before surgery begins. But in most cases you are permitted to have sips of water even before two hours. Secondly one willing to be operated for ankle ligament reconstruction shouldn’t go for it until affirmed that he/she is not having cuts or abrasions in body. Skin problem would automatically invite many other symptoms that are problematic. They may even turn the situation worse because ankle ligament surgery has several complications that demands utmost care.

Side Effects:

Like other surgical activities your ankle ligament surgery brings few complications and difficult phases but they are timely. You feel swelling sensation due to this surgery but this can be reduced through practicing some foot elevating exercises. Secondly you also feel pain in body that weakens for sometime and requires timely medication. Have your medicines prescribed and don’t forget to take them after getting discharged in case you feel any such need. Similar is the case with bleeding that causes other problems. Bandages in operated portion of your body will ooze which you have to monitor. It is must to consult doctor immediately if this problem occurs.


There is nothing to worry about when undergoing ankle ligament surgery. You are advised to follow simple procedures that are of great help to you in one way or the other. This surgery can be completed in few hours but you are advised to stay in hospital for at least two nights for complete recuperation and regaining fitness. The ½ plaster backslab dressing done on you are recommended for a fortnight besides physiotherapy that helps you in better mobilization. Even if you are operated successfully make sure that you have taken postoperative appointment after leaving hospital to ensure regular guidance on all stages.

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