Antifungal Natural Remedies

Antifungal Natural Cure

Fungal infections transpire in any part of the body especially in moist and warm areas. The infection varies in terms of symptoms and appearances. Although there are many antifungal drugs available over the counter yet, it is also safe to use antifungal natural remedies.

Fungal infections usually affect living tissue. That is why diabetic people are vulnerable to infections because of impaired immune system. Candida albicans is the most common fungus that affects the skin and may result to rashes associated with itching and scaling. However, creams and other prescribed medications work temporarily thus antifungal natural remedies can also be considered.

Various antifungal natural remedies for different fungal infections

  • Tea tree oil for ringworm

    Exposure to fungus called tinea can result to ringworm. This fungal infection can affect both young and adult. The infection starts as a ring of scaly red patches that are itchy and associated with blistering and burning sensation. Applying the essential oil of tea tree oil on the affected area kills the fungus. Likewise, it prevents fungal growth and at the same time prevents other bacterial infections as a result of exposure to impurities. However, tea tree oil should be diluted with olive oil as it is extremely strong.

  • Lemongrass for athlete’s foot

    Another fungal infection caused by tinea fungus is the athlete’s foot. Most of the time, the toes are damp and moist. This is why fungi happily thrive in it. Athlete’s foot is not a serious condition but the itching, cracking, scaling and burning would make you feel uncomfortable. Likewise, when athlete’s foot is not given proper treatment would result to infection of toenails that would make it easy to crumble. The good thing about lemongrass oil is that it is not only antifungal but also possesses analgesic property. This means that it reduces the inflammation and pain due to the athlete’s foot. It also drives away secondary infections because of its antiseptic qualities thus facilitates healing.

  • Yogurt for yeast infection

    Aside from the skin, infection can also affect the oral cavity and the vagina. Such kind of infection is due to the yeast. Women with yeast infection can apply plain yogurt on the affected areas. The yogurt is an antifungal natural remedy that does not only fights the yeast but also establishes the natural balance of the good bacteria in the body.

    Moreover, using antifungal natural remedies is not enough because it is also necessary to maintain healthy immune system. This is possible by following a diet and avoiding use of tight-fitting clothes. In like manner, observing proper personal hygiene can also help in effective treatment of fungal infection. As much as possible, infected individual should separate his or her belongings to avoid infecting other member of the family. Wash the contaminated clothes, linens and towels using hot water and disinfectant soaps.

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