Aplastic Anemia Symptoms and Treatment

Best Treatment for Aplastic Anemia

Rare bone marrow disease aplastic anemia seeks urgent medical attention due to the danger involved. It becomes problematic when bone marrow fails to make necessary red and white blood cells and platelets in body henceforth patients face anarchic situation.

Life-threatening risk is involved in each type of aplastic anemia whether it is severe or very severe.

Possibility of bleeding is high in this rare disease. According to investigations nearly three out of every 1 million people in the United States encounter aplastic anemia in a year but on contrary to that eastern Asian countries are more vulnerable to this disease in which number reaches at 15 out of 1 million. This chronic disease can attack people from any age group that make it more alarming.

Healthy bone marrow ascertains blood cell function prefect but once it is attacked by aplastic anemia entire system gets affected due to hindrance in blood cell creation.

Although medical researchers have still not come out with any authentic solution to find the exact cause of aplastic anemia but they have though investigated that this rarely occurring chronic disease is caused due to different reasons. It has also been witnessed that approximately 20% of the patients inherit this typical disease. Unnecessary exposure to certain types of chemicals or viruses is some other possible reasons of alastic anemia disease. Most importantly all those sufferer of aplastic anemia find it an autoimmune disease in which the body's immune system itself starts working against it rather than protecting the body – and resultantly blockage of necessary blood cells occur when bone marrow fails to perform the task it has to complete.

Possible Symptoms: Low quantity of blood cells is the major symptom of aplastic anemia. Number of blood cells is counted minutely to check the relentlessness at which this disease may affect its sufferers. Commonest of the symptoms are feeling tiredness or week and having breathlessness problems amongst others. Such problems usually occur due to the low number of red blood cells happening under the impact of aplastic anemia. The possibility of repeated infections too can’t be ruled out due to low quantity of white blood cells. The cases of unstoppable bleeding and tiny red spot under skin are other possible symptoms.

Diagnosis: The samples of blood and bone marrow are minutely investigated before diagnosing aplastic anemia. Usually two types of samples are collected from bone marrow in the treatment methods applied in which liquid marrow is procured for further investigation. A special needle is used in the bone marrow biopsy in such removal process. If the sample shows low count of cells doctors diagnose it aplastic anemia. Doctors later categorise this disease as moderate, severe or very severe according to assessment of cells counts.


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