Arm Muscle Tear

Treating Muscle Tear

Those people who make it a routine to exercise daily, sometimes are made to suffer from arm muscle tear or muscle strain. This is a common problem faced by the athletes every now and then. The tear basically occurs around the tendons where the strain is high. Treating muscle tear is important since it may lead your muscle almost inactive if treatment not done.

Weight lifters too are prone to suffer from muscle tear owing to the heavy weight they are likely to lift, thus both the triceps and the biceps are likely to suffer from a strain depending upon the kind of activity you do. Those who are interested in body building too may suffer from the same. This may also put pressure on the smaller blood vessels and they too may suffer from tear if ignored for long.

It is therefore essential to know the causes of muscle strain as well as symptoms and the likely ways in which it can be avoided; this will certainly help in getting arm tear often. It is important that amidst the exercise routine you take adequate amount of rest to your body, or else the strains may occur when you are lethargic and unwell.

Symptoms of Muscle Tear

When your muscle is strained, the immediate effect to be seen is that there may be sharp and excruciating pain, followed by muscle swelling and bruising. Sometimes the area may turn red and there may be open cuts at the place of injury. If the situation aggravates then it is likely that you won’t be able to use the muscle at all, and a slight movement can cause immense pain if not treated. There are some of the muscle tears which in fact require immediate attention of the doctor so you need not ignore the pain. You are likely to hear a popping sound when the muscle tears or there is strain.

Preventing Muscle Tear

Stretching arm muscles helps to reduce the pain, either do it yourself or let someone else do it for you. You also need to contact a good physiotherapist who too can tell you about the various exercises to avoid muscle tear. But if it has turned very severe then surgery is a possible option. But taking pain relievers too can save you from the tears, since they not only reduce pain but also heal the muscle tears.

Sometimes you are made to resort to the cold compression therapy which too provides relief. Consulting doctor is the best solution. He will examine you physically to analyse whether there is a partial or complete tearing of the muscle.

Along with that, you need to protect your muscle from getting any further injury. Giving proper rest to your muscle is important, so you need to stop exercising for a while till it becomes fine again. Along with that if there is enough of swelling in the area, place ice packs on the affected area, this helps to reduce swelling.

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