Ayurvedic Treatment for High Blood Pressure

Curing High Blood Pressure with Ayurvedra

Ayurvedic treatment for high blood pressure is very common practice done by people suffering from this problem. It is best if you want a cure for high blood pressure using holistic approach like ayurvedra. Proper diet and regular exercise is actually the answer to your problem combined with other ayurvedric approach.

A holistic treatment like ayurvedra can help you treat high blood pressure and other known complications that results from it. If you are used to traditional treatments, you will be surprised about ayurvedic treatments because this is a completely different approach if you want a good health. It also uses a different method of knowing certain cause of diseases. There are many problems that can be solved by ayurvedra and this includes high blood pressure. It is said that people suffering from high blood is mainly due to improper diet and lifestyle. If you are stress all the time and not eating right then chances are you are prone to having high blood pressure.

Those people with high blood pressure can experience have rough and thick arteries. This is so because fats and cholesterol gets trapped in the artery. It means higher blood pressure means high fat deposit. This can certainly affects blood circulation and sometimes results to blood clot. Often it leads to complication like stroke and heart attack that could be fatal.

Practicing Ayurvedra

The key point of ayurvedra is maintaining energy type in your body. People who practice this treatment use nutrition, exercise, yoga, meditation and natural remedies. There are actually medicines that you can take like serpagandha, jatamansi, sandalwood and sarsaparilla. The terms are hard to remember but they are powerful. They come in different form like tablets, power and pill. Take note that can expert should prescribe it. There are also home remedies that you can do like combining grind garlic to buttermilk. Drink this mixture daily. You can also drink lemon juice with drops of honey each morning. Another thing is cumin and fennel seeds with glass of water.
You can also under go abhyanga or massaging using herbal oils. There are also detoxifications called pancha karma that uses sweat baths to detoxify and help in bowel movements. There are also breathing exercises that can also help in stress and anxiety. Yoga and meditation is the key to lowering down your blood pressure. You can enroll in some yoga or meditation classes. There are also DVDs that you can buy to guide you in every step of the way.

Addition to Ayuvedric Treatment

If you will be undergoing ayurvedra treatment, it believes that proper diet can help you fight health disorders. Maintaining balanced diet can actually help you to reduce your weight and it also minimizes the fatty cholesterol in the body. A healthy lifestyle can also complement your hard work.

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