Baby Sleeping Patterns

How the Baby Sleeps

Baby sleeping patterns differs from one baby to another, you need to know how the baby sleeps. The baby’s sleep is followed in two stages the active stage and the quiet stage. Most of the babies sleep a lot in their quiet stage when they are having a sound sleep. Make sure that your baby is sleeping in a cradle.

Almost all the babies have different sleeping patterns. While there are some who may spend a lot of time in sound sleep a few may not be having such a sleep. It differs from one baby to another. Usually the first few months of a child are spent in sleeping alone since he is trying to make adjustments to the new environment.

How the Baby Sleeps

A number of researches have been conducted on the baby sleeping patterns, which mostly prove that most of the babies have a sound sleep only when their mother is close to them. There is no regular pattern of sleeping however. A baby’s sleep is not in tune with that of the adults. Babies take time to adopt to the natural time of sleeping and waling up. It may take a few months for them to get adapted.

You need to keep a watch on your child’s sleeping pattern. Sometimes you will see that your own sleep is getting disturbed due to your child’s sleep. He may be awake in night when you want to sleep. Therefore it is recommended that the baby needs to be kept out of the adult bed, but he should be kept closer to you. It is good if you keep the child in the crib or a cradle. That will work good for you and your baby also.

Stages of Baby Sleeping

Babies are known to have basically two stages of sleeping that includes quite and active. For the first nine months they are known to sleep for around 50-60 minutes. When the baby falls asleep he falls into the ‘active’ stage of sleeping.

In this stage, the eyelids might be moving, there is irregular breathing, and sometimes the baby might move here and there, he might be quite uncomfortable in his sleep. Thereon, slowly he passes into the ‘quiet’ stage of sleep. In this stage they are having a sound sleep and it is more likely that they will be having a sound sleep. They won’t be rising from the sleep. This cycle continues for long time or else the child wakes up crying.

However it is utmost essential for you to teach your baby how to sleep on his own. This is something which you need to begin from the early months may be when the child is 3 months old. When the child starts eating enough of food then too he is less likely to get sound sleep.

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