Back Pain During Pregnancy

Symptoms and Cure of Back Pain During Pregnancy

For almost 90% of all pregnant women having severe cramping back pain in the lower back is extremely common. In fact the problem can persist after delivery leading to severe problems while climbing stairs or standing for a long time.

But what causes lower back pain during pregnancy and why is it so common?

What causes the back pain of pregnant women?

One of the major reasons for the back pain during pregnancy is the sudden weight gain around the lower back area in the later trimesters of the pregnancy. There are also a huge cocktail of hormones floating in your blood responsible for softening your bones and your ligaments for the delivery and labor and this makes bones and ligaments less liable to take up the stress of poor postures which is the main cause of back ache. Posture also has to adjust to the shift of balance which occurs due to the protrusion of the abdomen. Stress also tends to tighten the muscles of the body which can aggravate an already stressed out body.

But you donít have to bear the pain. Back pain which has been allowed to persist may continue after pregnancy to cause severe conditions like a slip disc. A few exercises you can do are,

  • Practice good posture where you are supporting your expanding belly instead of slumping over to compensate for the excess weight. Use a good back and belly support belt which is readily available in several baby specialty stores to provide support from the upper back.
  • Squat to pick up things of the ground and do not carry anything more than about 3 kgs / 6.6 pounds in weight to prevent the extra load on your lower back. Avoid sleeping on your back and get your back aligned with a good chiropractor to prevent problems later on.
  • Change your sitting posture with your feet a little elevated, and avoid crossing your legs which stresses your lower back.
  • Get a good back supporting chair and you can sue the same one for breast feeding later on. Donít stand for long amounts of time and get a low stool for resting your legs on one at a time as you stand. Donít wear heels through out your pregnancy.
  • Get a good belly supporting belt and wear well designed maternity wear which comes with a good elastic belly supporting waistline.
  • Apply hot fomentation to your lower back. You can apply warm packs or even rest in a warm bathtub, or place heating pads against the lower backs. You can also try alternating hot and cold packs for the best possible result. Get in touch with a good massage therapist to get your lower back massaged by an expert as regularly as possible.
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