Back Pain and Sex

Causes of Back Pain During Sex and the Treatment

Sex is one of the most pleasurable activities that one can indulge in. One can just go on and on about not only the hedonistic but also the therapeutic aspects of sex. However the fun between the sheets can be marred by back pain.

Back pain can convert the pleasurable ‘ooohs’ and ‘aaahs’ of sexual bliss to ‘ouchs’ of pain and discomfort.

The modern age has brought with it certain lifestyle ailments and diseases. Many of these are caused by a sedentary ways of living as well as by being cooped up peering at a computer screen all day long, when the work hours could stretch on from early morning to way into the graveyard shift. When this is coupled with less than ergonomic seating arrangements, it spells doom for the back.

There are many anecdotal instances as well as clinical reports of back pain coming in the way of sexual intimacy between couples. Back pain can severely restrict and sometimes totally restrain sexual activity due to its extremely deleterious effects. This spells trouble not only for the sexual life but also threaten the relationship among couples.

Sex is not just a physically pleasurable activity between couples. Sex cements the relationship and makes the bonds stronger between couples. Now if something as innocuous and often avoidable, as back pain can limit the incidence of sex, it is indeed a matter of grave concern and deserves attention.

You can take some preventive action to avoid back pain:
  • Do simple back exercises that can help the back muscles to be strong and supple to support your body. You can supplement these by swimming or jogging, which are effective in building up the muscles and increasing your flexibility.
  • Ensure that your posture is upright and your chair is ergonomically designed.
  • Prevent back injury by not lifting too heavy weights and avoiding clutter at home or work, which can make you trip and get hurt.
  • Use a suitable mattress while sleeping so that your spine gets adequate and proper support.
  • Avoid being obese as extra weight means extra load on the spine, which can lead to back pain. In any case, if you are fit and lean, you appear more appealing and sexy to your partner.
  • In case the pain persists or gets worse, avail medical attention without delay.

Sex Positions that help:
Men can practice sex where they place some support below the back in terms of a firm mattress with the partner being on top. Having sex side-wise can allow the pressure to be on the abdomen and not on the back, thus preventing chances of causing back pain, or if it exists, aggravating it.

For women, a position on top could help, as there is no pressure on the back in such a sexual position. The traditional missionary position must be avoided as it heavily relies on pressure on the back. Alternatively, perching on a chair could also help, where the male partner enters from the front without pressuring the back directly.

Care and Understanding:
Sexual intimacy is all about love, concern and caring. If there is a problem of back pain as an aggravating factor, it certainly calls for a lot of care and understanding so that back pain does not ruin and wreck the relationship. Sometimes, where the back pain is already acute, non sexual activities like foreplay or massages could go a long way in creating an atmosphere of love and bonding and keep the relationship strong, till such time that the back pain eases and sexual activity can start again.

Back pain is a modern reality. But what matters is how one copes with it and minimizes its effect so that it does not wreck havoc on the sexual aspect of a relationship. Don’t let back pain rob you of your sexual chemistry and bliss. Take care of your back and let the fun times continue!!

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