Back and Neck Pain

Causes of Back and Neck Pain

People of all ages often complain of back and neck pain. This is not surprising considering the various lifestyle changes that are the bane of modern existence.

Here are some symptoms and treatment of back and neck pain.

Symptomatic Indications:
Back and Neck problems are indicated by pain in these specific regions. Pain is an indicator that there is some discomfort or something is wrong. Pain is beneficial as it makes us aware of a problem, which allows us to take corrective action. The degree of pain is often and effective indicator of the extent of the problem.

The onset of pain could be temporal due to some overwork or activity. However, pain could also commence slightly, almost unnoticed and without any mitigating treatment or recourse could become a chronic problem, calling for urgent medical attention. This is specifically true where there is tingling or numbness that continues unabated for some time.

Causes of Back and Neck Pain:
There are a few physiological reasons for back and neck pain. Firstly, this region is a complex area comprising of muscles and a plethora of joints that work in tandem supporting our whole body as well as the head. In addition, there are also a few common afflictions that affect the back, namely arthritis, pulled muscles, slipped discs etc.

Some of the common causes of back pain are excessive strain of the muscles in these regions especially due to heavy work, exercise or other activities that the body is generally not used to doing in the normal course. For instance, those who start lifting weights after a long gap or who strain their neck due to a postural dysfunction could experience back and neck pain. However, this is generally temporal. As the body gets used to that activity or exercise, the pain subsides.

However, a more serious and increasingly common type of back and neck pain is called cumulative stress injury, where the body experiences discomfort over longer periods of time. One reason could be carpal tunnel syndrome, which is the result of spending prolonged periods of time working on a computer keyboard. Also, straining the neck due to staring at the computer screen at an uncomfortable angle could strain the neck and cause pain.

The spinal cord which connects the brain to the other parts of the body essentially resides in the neck and back. The brain sends impulses to the body and receives sensations from the body through the spinal cord. Sometimes, a pain in the back and neck could arise from some other part of the body which affects the spinal cord. This is essentially a signal that all is not well with the body which is manifesting itself in back and neck pain. For instance in the case of heart attacks, there could be manifestations of pain in the neck region that impact nerves running to the left arm.

Summing up, back and neck pains need to be analyzed and not just dismissed as being inconsequential. If the pain persists one may need to take professional medical help to ensure that the problem does not escalate out of control.

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