Bacterial Skin Infection Symptoms

What Are The Bacterial Skin Infection Symptoms

Bacterial skin infection symptoms can be easily determined. Based on the research of dermatologists, there are lots of types of skin bacteria and most of these can be started by skin irritation, redness, and suddenly feeling the itchiness. If you have bacterial skin infection, you better be informed about its symptoms.

Are you experiencing rashes, boils, and other irritation on your skin? If yes, then it could be the symptom of bacterial skin infection. Bacteria are dependable for causing a variety of unpleasant skin conditions like impetigo, cellulites, and carbuncles. However, these conditions are usually easy to find. Once you feel a sudden itchiness and notice your skin with redness and rashes, then you need to find a medical attention. Here are some bacterial skin infection symptoms.

Carbuncles and Boils

Carbuncles and boils start as red lumps. These grow bigger and fill up with pus prior to the draining and breaking open. As far as most people know, a boil is a bacterial infection that usually found in a hair follicle. Carbuncles are the group of boils that are formed in a specific area. You can usually find boils on the neck, thighs, and face. The carbuncles are usually found on the shoulders or at the back your neck. This usually results in a deeper and severe infection once you have neglected it. So, you have to consult a doctor if you notice you have boils on your neck or some part of your body. Otherwise, you may suffer to some complications like fever and big redness spot to your entire body.


Cellulitis can be recognized if you notice your deep skin’s layers has redness spots and can lead to skin tow swell. You can also find cellulitis in the toes, feet, neck, legs and face but it can also occur any part of the body. The most common infection signs are bruising, swelling, overall weakness, and chills. In case you are experiencing more symptoms like a big area infected skin or infection behind your neck, it is better to directly consult a doctor as soon as you notice an infection. Through this, you can immediately cure the symptoms and avoid the possible disease.


If you have noticed bacterial symptoms like impetigo, then you better consider visiting your specialist. For the knowledge of some people, impertigo can be recognized through sores and often found around the mouth or the nose. Then, this sign starts to develop red spots and make it larger until it becomes red rashes. This condition is eventually followed by sever itchiness and pain. Also, these sores can be a big problem just in case it continues to increase in number and size. Once these rushes break open, the sores will form a yellow-brown crust which could lead embellishments to your skin.


Folliculitis can be recognized through small and white lumps on the hair follicles. It also starts as red lumps, but it can be more severe in case it spread in different parts of the body. Also, there are the blisters that eventually break open that result to scaring.

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