Belly Piercings during Pregnancy

Should Belly Piercing Be Done During Pregnancy

Should belly piercing be done during pregnancy is a common question asked by pregnant women. But if you have not got your belly pierced during pregnancy then you should refrain from doing so while you are pregnant since it can increasingly put you at a greater risk of infection which is bad for you and your unborn child.

A belly ring normally is quite different from if you intend to wear it during pregnancy. So you need to take into account a number of factors while wearing a belly ring. In fact piercing in any part of your body be it your belly, nose, ears, genitals is not a good and healthy sign. As the immune system is particularly overloaded during pregnancy so you are more susceptible to getting an infection. It’s the risk which you shouldn’t think about. But if you have a belly ring pierced before pregnancy then there is no need for you to remove it during pregnancy.

Wearing a belly ring during pregnancy

Women during the later stages of pregnancy find it even more difficult to wear the belly ring since the belly button pops out. But if you have been wearing your belly ring for more than three years than you can simply feel free to remove it without any fear, since the hole will probably not close after such a long time. But if your belly ring is relatively new then chances are that it might get closed, but you can always get pierced again once the baby is born.

But there is no need for you to feel despondent since a number of jewellery manufacturers have already understood the need and so are making belly rings specially designed for the pregnant women. You can even replace your belly ring with a small piece of fishing line which is quite flexible and hence stretches as your belly grows. If you are not interested in removing your ring then it is better that you get it replaced with a non metallic ring which is quite easily available in the market. These are flexible and two inches long so your belly could be quite easily accommodated.

Problems which arise from belly ring

If your belly button starts causing you trouble by turning red, itching or develops pus or smells badly it is better that you consult a doctor immediately. You can even consult a piercing artist as to what you need to do in such a situation. How it can be taken out. But mostly likely you have to get it removed if you have to undergo a caesarean operation. Most of the care providers recommend that it is safer for the pregnant lady to remove her belly ring. There have been cases where pregnant women have complained of itching in their belly and fear it getting pulled once the belly stretches with pregnancy. But the worst thing is that if it leaves an open wound due to over scratching then the chances of infection increases a lot. For your personal safety as well as the safety of the child it is most preferred to remove the ring and not take any chances.

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