Benefits of Drinking Alkaline Water

Why Alkaline Water is Better than other Water

What are the health benefits of Alkaline Water? What is pH? What Alkaline water can do to your health?

The body contains 70% water. We can go without food until 40 days long but we cannot survive without water for as long as 3 days. It is important that we maintain at least 8 glasses a day to be hydrated.
Greater part of the food we eat and drink, intake are acidic and may contain additives that may contaminate the body system. Water needs to have pH not less than 7 to be guaranteed free from germs, viruses and bacteria causing illness.

What is Alkaline Water?

Alkaline water supports minerals to the body. It helps deactivate acids and eliminates toxin. Tap water has components that can destroy our health and we need to ensure that our family is drinking good quality water.

Alkaline water contains high pH level than other water sources. It provides nutrients, minerals, boost up energy in the body; helps prevent diseases and slows aging.

What is ph?

Potential of Hydrogen or ph is the measure used to determine whether a solution is acidic or alkaline. The body needs at least a 7.4 ph level in order to be healthy.

Health Benefits When you Drink Alkaline Water

Drinking Alkaline water will help you of course maintain your body ph level requirement, helps you to loose weight easily through water therapy, provides healthier skin, helps the body absorb the nutrients that is in the food we eat, decreases wrinkles and slows down aging process, promotes healthier hair strands, relieves skin diseases, provides faster healing for wounds and blisters, removes fungal infectivity, take away tooth and gum problems if used for brushing or gargling for sore throat, removes itchiness and heals eczema, removes or eliminates free radicals in the body

Alkaline water cleanses our inner body parts such as the colon, flushes out the toxic that is not reached by ordinary water. Provides remedy for people who are experiencing heartburn, this is caused by lack of water intake and low ph level in the body. Alkaline water also provides normal blood stream and protects body cells, prevents diabetes as well.

Alkaline water also prevents, cure and maintain the body energy and health. It is best recommended that once a person is ill they need to take more water and not just ordinary water in must be alkaline to help the part of the body that is sick to restore to health.

Water is a very important element in our daily life, and we need to cautious in the water we drink. It’s either we maintain a healthy body or will provide us sickness. Our body flushes water and we need to replenish our water supply for our body to function normally.

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