Best Remedies for Snoring

Natural Remedies for Snoring

Is snoring is bothering you as well as your partner? Snoring can be natural or caused by certain health conditions, but whatever way it is that this disturbing action when we sleep is really upsetting in the first place, this is an enough reason for us to look for best remedies for snoring to make us more comfortable during the nighttime.

Why People Snore?

Can we avoid snoring? This is a big question that always bothers us since most people are acquiring this unpleasant condition in the course of their sleep. Having a good night sleep is impossible if you or your partner in bed snore all through the night, resulting for a poor sleep that might affect your work when the morning comes. Many people don’t understand what causes snoring and this can be explained in a simple way.

Snoring takes place if there’s an obstruction on the air movement in the soft tissues located in the throat, making it to vibrate that produces sound. In medical terms, these tissues are named as the soft palate and uvula. Once there are abnormalities on the two tissues, there will be irregular airflow on the passageway of the air; and if the channel for breathing becomes narrower or closes unexpectedly, it will create an unpleasant noise that causes snoring to occur.

What Triggers Snoring?

There are several factors that triggers to snoring. Medical studies explain that when we sleep, the soft tissues like the soft palate plus the muscle tone of the tongue become relaxed causing the tissues rubbing each other, and this activates snoring. Additional causes of snoring are enlarged tonsils, throat weakness, build-up of fats surrounding the throat, as well as the effects of alcohol. Wrong position while sleeping can also cause snoring, especially when the person is lying on his back, because the tongue is falling back in the direction of the throat blocking the airway. Some medications such as sleeping pills can also contribute to snoring, while older persons has more chances of snoring as the muscle tone on their tongue becomes much weaker. When nasal problems strikes like sinusitis, it will block the airways that make the person difficult to breathe resulting also to snoring.

Best Natural Remedies for Snoring

The good thing about snoring is the fact that there are natural remedies which can be applied that doesn’t require taking any medications, surgeries or medical procedures. Here are some tips on how to stop snoring with home remedies.

  • Sleep on your side, not on your back. Proper sleeping position can reduce the chances of snoring to happen.
  • Quit smoking and avoid too much alcohol intake. These vices should be avoided since they contain harmful substances that may affect the way you breathe and will trigger health problems, too.
  • Weight consciousness. Obesity or becoming overweight is also linked to snoring and other sleep disorders; lose weight to avoid these problems.

Although snoring can also be linked to sleep disorders like sleep apnea, if this is the case then the patient should not hesitate to consult a doctor. For more information about other disorders that are connected to snoring, has more details on this subject.

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