Best Way to Burp Baby

Benefits of Burping

There are various ways in which you can burp the baby but the best way to burp baby is to pat on his back, this will remove the excessive air from his stomach. Benefits of burping are many, it makes the baby feel comfortable, he is saved from gaseous problem.

Having a baby is a big challenge for most of the parents but equally challenging is how you take care of the child. At every step you need to be careful enough, in fact it is the duty of both the parents to see that their child is being taken care of properly. One of the essential things in this regard is to know as to how to burp your child. This is important for you to know and understand.

Importance of Burping

Burping your child is important, if you don’t burp your child frequently chances are that excessive air might be swallowed. This may lead to spitting, crankiness and they may also have gas problem. So it is needed that excessive air is expelled from their stomach at the earliest.

A baby who is breast fed is likely to burp less than the one who is being fed on the bottle since the air from the bottle reaches the baby’s stomach faster and hence the problem. This however is not the case with those who are breastfed.

You need to know how to burp your baby. This is important for the overall health of your new born baby. Basically the common pattern followed is to pat the child at the back. When you do so try to hold the baby in an upright position, also when you are feeding the baby from the bottle try to hold him in an upright position so that lesser amount of air goes inside the stomach.

It is recommended that you watch the expressions of your baby when you have given her the milk, if she feels uncomfortable or grims then surely you need to pat her back. Don’t let your baby burp on his own, you should always try to do so, since you can never be sure as to how she will burp.

Why to Burp the Baby

Those babies who have lots of air in the stomach, they may not want to eat anything, and will cry a lot, so you can regard this as an indication that the baby needs to be burped.

Massaging his back slowly too might be helpful. You can also lay your child down, and try to pull his legs as if you are doing a bicycling motion.

If your baby gives you a smile after this, you can be sure that she is now feeling comfortable. Sometimes the baby may feel fussy at the time of feeding, in such a case, stop feeding, give him a burp and then feed again.

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