Bladder Inflammation Symptoms

What Are The Bladder Inflammation Symptoms

Bladder inflammation is characterized by many indicators. It is vital to know the bladder inflammation symptoms especially in the hospital setting because these serve as baseline data of the treatment that will be ordered for the patient. In order to learn such signs and symptoms, this article must be browsed.

Jumping to the selection of the appropriate treatment for bladder inflammation prior to detecting its manifestations is not advised. It is recommended that you know first the bladder inflammation symptoms in order to come up with the best disease management plan.

Bladder Inflammation Defined

Bladder inflammation is also called as Cystitis. The main cause of this condition is the invasion of the bacteria in the bladder. Bladder inflammation is sometimes a complication of the untreated infections in the urinary system. Example of this is UTI or urinary tract infection. If this condition is not treated promptly, this may lead to serious complications. Example of this is the occurrence of the hemorrhagic cystitis. This is a state wherein there is already bleeding in the bladder because of the enhancement of the intensity of the infection. Excessive blood loss brought by hemorrhagic cystitis may predispose one’s life to danger. There are bladder inflammation symptoms that you must watch out for. These are the following:

  • Dysuria
  • Polyuria
  • Hematuria

Dysuria or Painful Urination

In the case of bladder inflammation, there may be painful urination that can be experienced by the affected patient. This painful urination is also called as dysuria. This happens because of the impairment in the lining of the trigone of the bladder. The cause of the impairment of this part is the continued spreading of the infection. The pain is rated as mild to severe. The sensation is affected by the degree of impairment occurred. When there is dysuria, the doctor usually orders pain killers to provide immediate relief to the one who feels the pain.


During the presence of bladder inflammation, there is alteration in the tome of the parts of the bladder which control the release of the urine. Because of this case, there is frequent urination or the so-called polyuria that may occur. Once the person has bladder inflammation, he feels the urge of urination every now and then. This is a symptom of the disease that is commonly overlooked. However once this symptom is present, proper consultation must be done to rule out if it really signifies bladder inflammation. This is because polyuria is also a symptom of other renal diseases.


If the early signs and symptoms of the disease are overlooked, it is mentioned already that the condition may progress to a more fatal case. When this happens, the affected person may experience hematuria or there is blood in the urine. The root cause of this is the damage in the nerve ending of the bladder. When these nerve endings are damaged, there is an escape of blood in that body part leading to blood tinged urine called hematuria.

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