Blue Astringent Herbal Lotion

Treat Oily Skin through Blue Astringent Herbal Lotion

With its research being formulated more than five decades ago in 1964, blue astringent herbal lotion has become too much sought after herbal product of the present era. This herbal product is considered one of the highly beneficial formulations to treat oily skin and the combination skin types effectively. This is best comforting astringent item that helps you balance the skin tone in oily-prone areas in the skin.

Considered a unique formulation, blue astringent herbal lotion treats many skin related problems besides it being excellent option for using as after shave cream and most suitable for oily-prone portions of skin.

Blue astringent herbal lotion has many effective roles to play. Its effect on problematic skin types has proved worth noticing. This wonderful skincare product is excellent to fight acne and many other oily skin related problems. The strong effect of this product help the sufferer clear acne in tangible manner than any other product can actually do. Blue Astringent herbal lotions have the capacity to clear defects systematically.

Noticeable Qualities: Most important feature of blue herbal astringent lotion is that it is a time-tested item based upon unique formulations. This lotion plays a balancing act in keeping oily skin types well-maintained. It has proved one of the most affordable as well as suitable after shave lotions which are best suited razor discomforted problem solver. Although this lotion contains alcohol, this herbal item shouldn’t be prescribed for medication purpose; neither should it be tested on the animals. Available in three sizes at 4, 8.4, and 16.9 ounces the lotion bottles are designed from plastic items.

Skin Treatment: This lotion has proved best lotion to do spot treatment of oily skin and its blemish-prone areas. It gives drying effect for easily dehydrated skin types and is very much useful for the oily skin types. Facial treatment is very easy through this herbal lotion. The making of this lotion is from best of the ingredients including witch hazel, camphor and menthol. One of its key ingredients is naturally derived item from the eastern evergreen tree named camphor that provides best cooling effect to skin. It is affordable treatment for oily skin types.

Likewise menthol is another natural item which is also considered excellent cooling agent. It contains 50% peppermint and is often prepared synthetically by hydrogenation of thymol. It is wonderful skincare item which provides extremely powerful cooling effect. In line with the above two, Sodium PCA is aother crucial ingredient of this lotion that helps your skin to glow and develop moisture-binding capacity of oily skin.

Derived from amino acid and having best features to absorb water in unique manner it helps in maintaining softness of skin, so does the complete item – the blue astringent herbal lotion.

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