Blue Light Treatment for Skin Cancer

About Blue Light Treatment for Skin Cancer

There are recent studies that showed blue light treatment for skin cancer can yield positive results. This is a new wave of treatment for the condition that is being preferred by a lot of cancer patients.

Prior to undergoing blue right treatment for skin cancer, you have to learn first some information concerning this treatment modality. Knowing some of the ways and how’s of the treatment will affect your decision whether you will utilize this or not.

What is Blue Light Treatment?

Blue light treatment for skin cancer makes use of the device called photosensitizer Levulan Kerastick. This serves as the stimulus in order to activate the laser. Previously, this is already used in providing relief from pre-skin cancer. Example of the pre-skin cancer that is being targeted by this condition is actinic keratosis. Many are concern with the pain that will be felt when undergoing this surgery. Well, this procedure is certainly painless and this will not take too long. However, this will require the patient to undergo several treatments after the procedure. There are certain things that you have to know. These are:

  • How the procedure happens
  • Expectations concerning the treatment
  • Treatment benefits

How the Procedure Happens

The procedure works by means of focusing the energy of the light directly to the particular cells that are intended for removal. When the light comes in contact with the diseased cells, it kills them by means of halting the oxygen supply. In addition to that, this is very much successful in killing non-normal cells without causing damage to the cells that are still healthy. When it comes to the risk of scarring, this is very minimal when you will compare with the other forms of treatment for skin cancer such as excision and cryosurgery.

Treatment Expectations

When you are about to undergo blue light treatment, you can expect that the procedure is just very quick. There is a so-called photosensitizer cream that will be applied on the face of the patient then the person has to lie down on the table. By the time that the cream has already dried up, it will have an incubation period of 30 minutes and a maximum of 18 hours. However, this depends upon the area that will be treated. After this, you are now ready to be placed under blue light. Expect that the light will make you feel warm and there are also instances that the person under the treatment will feel some burning and tingling sensation. Once the procedure is already complete, you have to wash the area treated and you are advised to utilize sunblock for protection.

Treatment Benefits

The main benefit of the treatment is its greater rate of success. Aside from that, this is painless and will not cause intense discomfort to the one who undergoes the procedure. When it comes to the side effects, there are just few and milder than those of other treatments.

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