Body Systems Affected by Diabetes

What are the Body Parts Affected by Diabetes

Main cause of concern for the individuals having diabetes is severe damaging of their immune system. Diabetes increases glucose level more than actual need. The sufferers of all types of diabetes face multiple organ failure and increased risk of infections.

Problems also arise when infections don’t heal easily due to body’s incapability to fight with them. Normal action of white blood cells gets affected due to high glucose level in diabetic cases.

Vulnerable disease, diabetes is not confined to particular region, race or age group. We are well informed about its worst affects and how it damages immune system. This disease affects sufferers through increased sugar level in bloodstream. Ironically even sufferers are not aware of major causes of sugary fluctuation in bloodstream and the way their bodies worsen. Worst problem with diabetes is that it completely disorders the body function that fails to produce required insulin which could fight with the increased blood sugar.

Adverse Affects of Diabetes

Diabetes affects various organs of body including tissues and cells which could keep immune system intact for collaborative attempt to keep different antigens away from infecting it, particularly bloodstreams. Weakened immune system can’t detect threat of antigens which infiltrate bloodstream in diabetic cases. Serious body affect occurs through Type 1 diabetes. One suffering from it can’t control bodily disorders due to weak autoimmune system which makes body incapable to produce required insulin.

Type 2 diabetes too is dangerous but its affects are lesser than Type 1. Body muscles and other organs can’t utilize insulin properly in such circumstances due to disorder in sugar level. Obesity and environmental factors are major aspects. Individuals facing problem in insulin production fall prey to these situations. Likewise women diabetics suffer from some organ failure due to gestational diabetes.

Such cases are common particularly while they deliver babies. Diabetes cause cataract due to change in fluid pressure which damages optic nerves. Impaired vision is common symptoms in diabetes. If diabetes is not treated timely more complications may occur. Medium or severe loss of vision can’t be ruled out in these cases.

Other Affects of Diabetes

High blood pressure and cholesterol have causal relation with diabetes. They are serious threats for functioning of heart. Most diabetics are prone to heart problems due to weak immune system. Likewise kidney failure is common in diabetes. Diabetics feel repeated need for urination due to high blood sugar. Slow healing of cuts and bruises are evidenced because of lack of immune system. Usually diabetic patients don’t feel sensations of pain. That is why their wounds don’t heal easily.

Why to Treat Diabetes Early?

Untreated diabetes is harmful for body’s nervous and circulatory systems. Many health complications arise when diabetes overpower one. The systems can be harsh affects on eyes, heart, kidneys, foot, nerves and reproductive system of body. It is therefore necessary to keep track of diabetic symptoms at the early stage.

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