Bone Bruise Treatment

Bone Bruise Cure and Prevention

Undeniable fact is that bone bruise is too much painful bone injury that needs timely treatment. Worst impact of bruises can be excessive bleeding in those portions though there is least chance of bone fracture in this case. As additional pressure generates in bone bruise such injury creates problematic situation due to damage of that portion of bone. Diagnosis and instant treatment helps you make everything easy and smooth too.

Prior to knowing symptoms of bone bruise we must also understand the most vulnerable portions of body that faces this ire. Commonly affected portions that often come into the trap of bone bruise are knees, ankles and foot. Major problem with this typical situation is that it invites irritating feeling that can’t be ignored at any point of time. People are made to understand most common symptoms of bone bruise to ensure timely cure and prevention.

Main Symptoms:

Intense pain, stiffness and swelling are most commonly noticed symptoms of bone bruise upon which treatments are designed. Treatment of bone bruise is started through keeping all such factors in consideration – it has also been noticed that one even realizes dramatic change in skin tone and the color on affected portion due to bone bruise. Mainly it becomes blackish blue that signifies one suffers from bone bruise and requires immediate treatment.

One more problem in bone bruise is that constant changes in outer climatic conditions too have a say in it and leaves direct or indirect impact on it hence pain keeps aggravating over the period. Such are the issues that make bone bruise extremely problematic disease henceforth it requires immediate medical attention. Situation may turn worse if bone bruise is in knee bone. One can even fail to move or walk in these circumstances. Hampering of injured portion of body creates difficulty hence one even fails to perform the usual activities of daily life.

Some Important Facts:

Though seems ironical but it is true that in most cases of bone bruise one don’t face difficulty in adjacent bones but this doesn’t mean that sufferer shouldn’t give importance to treatment by assuming it a minor case. Such injuries don’t cause bone cancer but their severity definitely paves the way for these symptoms if laxity is shown in treatment options. Most vulnerable sufferers of bone bruise are sportspersons who encounter with it over and again. In fact bone bruise is considered a sports related injury. It is curable and demands instant action.


People hit impromptu on their bones with any heavy object and or one having faced a car accident can be the possible victims of bone bruise. As the severity is high you need instant treatment. Some doctors prescribe painkillers as the first step of treatment for instant relief before starting proper medication on later stage. Ice massage is considered an excellent therapeutic treatment.

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Name: Charlotte Urban

I believe I have a bone bruise and have had it for at least 4 months. There is significant pain and also torn ligament as shown by MRI. What would the next step be to help heal it. I have been wearing a brace but still have pain. I take pain pills but am looking for other answers. My foot DR wants to do surgery but I do not know if that is the answer or to have some other type of therapy. Do you have any suggestions as to how I can help my ankle to heal faster?

Name: Cindy H

diagnosed by MRI to have a bone bruise of the medial malleous and fluid around the posterior tibialis tendon that has a chronic tear. I was given a cortisone injection and a air cast and sent on my way to rest it and ice it. Didn't want me off work but I work 12 hour shifts on cement floor as a nurse. Would crutches and no wt bearing for a time help? I can't hardly put weight on it and it seems worse everyday. Wanted to know if there is more I should be doing!

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