Bowel Cancer in Women

Causes and Treatment of Bowel Cancer

Bowel cancer in women is said to be the second most common types of cancer. It affects women above 40 years of age. Family history of bowel cancer and unhealthy lifestyle are responsible for the same. The women need to be aware of the causes and treatment of bowel cancer since only then preventing it is possible.

Almost all types of cancer are said to be dangerous for the health of the individual and bowel cancer too is one such type of cancer. The worst thing of cancer is the unbridled growth which makes it almost impossible to treat it. Bowel cancer is said to be the second most common cancer in women while it is the third most common cancer in men. Almost one in every 17 people tends to be affected by it.

Factors Responsible for Bowel Cancer

A number of factors are responsible due to which a woman may develop bowel cancer. Obesity plays a major role in developing bowel cancer. Women who tend to smoke excessively too are at a greater risk of developing it. The risk of bowel cancer increases all the more if there is a family history of bowel cancer. People who suffer from Crohn disease too can develop the cancer. If the woman has suffered from breast or ovarian cancer in any time of her life then too she stands a chance to suffer from bowel cancer.

If the bowel cancer is left untreated then it may spread to the adjacent areas of lymph nodes and organs. In the absence of proper medicine they may move to various organs of the body like liver, brain, bones and then it would become almost impossible to threat the same.

The bowel cancer is also called as colorectal cancer since rectum too may be affected by it. This cancer occurs after 40 years of age.

Symptoms of Bowel Cancer

The most common symptom of bowel cancer is the passing of blood with the stool, if there is continuous bleeding from the rectum. The person may suffer from pale skin and fatigue too may be visible on his face. You may suffer from weight loss, nausea and vomiting, there will be pain in the abdomen.

Treatment of Bowel Cancer

You can prevent yourself from becoming a victim of bowel cancer by taking care of your health and diet. You need to eat diet which is high in fibre, include more of green leafy vegetable and fruits in your diet. You need to cut the intake of alcohol. Along with that maintaining an active lifestyle too can prevent the same.

But if it develops then you may have to undergo surgery, followed by chemotherapy and radiotherapy. Consulting your doctor is the most immediate effort you need to take.

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