Bowel Movement and Bleeding

Bleeding During Bowel Movements

Bleeding during bowel movements may occur due to a number of causes like the colitis and proctitis, fissures, fistula, haemorrhoids. Bowel movement and bleeding is not to be taken lightly rather is a matter of concern. If left untreated it may lead to colon cancer. Thus maintain a healthy lifestyle, drink lots of fluids.

Bleeding during bowel movement primarily occurs because of the lifestyle changes and thus young as well as the old tend to suffer from the same. The problem is also known as rectal bleeding and there are many reasons responsible for the same. Though sometimes it may occur due to minor factors but at times the reasons may be grave enough like colon cancer. So neglecting the rectal bleeding is not going to help rather immediate medical attention is needed.

Causes of Rectal Bleeding

There are a number of factors responsible for the same. Haemorrhoids is one of the important causes and cause excessive pain. Sometimes chronic constipation during pregnancy too is responsible for the same. Bleeding haemorrhoids is the main agent responsible for bleeding during bowel movements in pregnancy. This problem is basically seen during the last days of pregnancy when there is excessive pressure on the uterus.

Fistula is yet another cause which may cause a white abnormal discharge. The Crohn disease too is said to be associated with fistula. Proctitis and colitis- the ulcerative colitis is said to be associated with the gastrointestinal disorders. If left untreated, cramps and diarrhoea too may occur. The inflammation of the rectum is called as Proctitis while the inflammation of the colon is called as Colitis.

Colon Cancer too is said to occur in case proper medication is not followed and this is said to be the greatest threat. The bleeding of the bowel movement may lead to colon cancer. Fissures too is one of the important cause of rectal bleeding- these occur when the bowel movement is hard enough and thus small tear like fissures will appear on the skin around the anus.

Problems Associated with Bowel Movement

The worst aspect is that this disease may occur at any age but people above the age of 40 are more susceptible to it. Sometimes an infection may occur in the intestine which too may cause bleeding.

Rectal bleeding is basically bright red in colour. There are situations when there may be no pain in the bowel movement and at other times the person may suffer from severe pain. It also depends whether you have haemorrhoids or diverticula.

By all means, you need to know that rectal bleeding is not at all normal and so you need to be extra careful to watch it. If you see any of the bleeding during bowel movements meeting your doctor is a must. Maintaining a healthy lifestyle is equally important followed by cleanliness and healthy diet. Drink lots of fluid and also exercise regularly.

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