Brazilian Hair Treatment

Straightening Curly Hair through Brazilian Hair Treatment

The Brazilian Keratin Hair Treatment, widely referred to as BKT has been experiencing a lot of controversies due to some findings which stated that this hair straightening method is unsafe for human since it uses excessive amount of chemicals which have long been considered by the Bureau of Food Drug (BFAD) to be highly-toxic for the human body.

Of course, those hair salons and parlors which provide this hair straightening service have denied the allegations, asserting that this kind of method does not consist of any harsh chemicals.

According to parlor owners and the manufacturer of this hair chemical treatment, the BKT can straighten hair even the curliest type and make it appear healthier, silkier, and softer.

The supporter of this hair treatment said that BKT does not uses harsh chemicals since most of the substance being used is keratin which are naturally found in hair and is known to make the hair softer, healthier, and silkier. They added that this hair treatment is primarily safe and can be done in colored, permed, and chemically-treated hair.

But critiques of BKT said that this is not the case, instead, this hair straightening method uses excessive amounts of formaldehyde and other harmful chemicals which can potentially damage people’s health.

According to some critics of this hair treatment method, the BKT contains a high-level of formaldehyde, a chemical which have long been considered as carcinogens (cancer-causing agent). In spite of the fact that BFAD does not cover and regulate cosmetic industry, the bureau has now been conducting laboratory testing to further scrutinize if the chemicals in BKT has the potential to harm the body and thus requiring this to be totally banned or closely regulated and monitored.

According to some expert, only .2 percent is the considered safety level of formaldehyde chemical. But in recent studies conducted by chemical experts, there are many cosmetic products, including the BKT, that exceed the only allowable level of this potentially harmful chemical.

To dispel some negative findings regarding this hair treatment, hair salons and parlors have provided a strict protocol in terms of applying BKT chemicals. Stylists must wear a mask to prevent excessive inhalation of the chemicals and they should also wear latex gloves to protect their skin from the chemicals. To further allay some worrisome findings, the parlors also do this hair chemical treatment in a well-ventilated place with open windows.

But due to some negative studies conducted, many hair salons have now decided to remove this hair treatment and offer other services which are considered to be much safer.

For people who are considering undergoing any kind of hair treatment, they should always know the ramifications associated to each hair treatment. There are many incidents happening now where customers are going bald, developing rashes from the scalp, and excessive hair breakage due to harsh chemicals, so it is very important for people to go the parlors which have good reputation.

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