Breastfeeding Baby Constipation

Constipation and Breast Feeding

Breastfeeding baby constipation is linked to each other. The newborn might find it difficult to pass the stool, he may become weak and cry a lot. Those babies who are being breastfed regularly suffer from constipation less. In fact constipation and breast feeding are associated with each other and has direct effect on baby’s health.

Most often mothers complaint that their baby is suffering from constipation; this is something which goes on with most of the children. When the baby has constipation, he finds it difficult to pass the stool as well as he may not pass the stool for 3-4 days. The stools might be large and firm and thereby make it difficult to pass the stools.

Difficulty in Passing Stool

Most of the times, breastfeeding is considered to be one of the main causes of constipation in babies, which though however is not true completely. In fact the babies who are continuously breast fed rarely suffer from constipation. In most of the cases babies have very frequent bowel movements in the first few months and then slowly they decline.

Doctors even suggest that the child need to be breastfed till his teeth comes out. However most of the times children are being breastfed only for a few months and hence they might suffer from constipation.

Benefits of Breast Milk for Baby

There is no denying the fact that breast milk is superior to all other foods for the newborn baby. It has a number of good aspects like it is easy to digest. It also contains digestive enzyme which is good for the baby. Till the time a newborn’s baby learns to digest all kinds foods it is suggested that he should be breastfed as the milk helps the body to become strong from within.

When your baby is being breastfed he shouldn’t be given much of water rather once you start giving him solid food, you should immediately start giving the water.

Sometimes constipation might be due to other factors also like the baby might be suffering from certain kinds of illness or he has been given solid foods in the initial months only.

If your baby is suffering from severe constipation it is important he needs to be treated by a doctor since if he cries a lot and has also become quite week, it might be that he is suffering from botulism which is a life threatening disorder. However it is very rare.

The diet of the mother too matters a lot and has a direct effect on the breastfed child, so the mothers too need to be quite careful as to what they are eating or drinking. Include more of protein rich diet in your food along with green leafy vegetables. Make sure you are taking Vitamin B12, Vitamin D, calcium supplements, Iron in adequate amounts. This too will help your child a lot.

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