Bronchial Cough Home Remedies

Natural Treatment for Bronchial Cough

It is really embarrassing if you have a severe bronchial cough especially if you are in the crowd of people because that will make you lose your poise and your confidence. Now that it is already winter season, bronchial cough will surely be widespread. If you are one of the unlucky persons whom this disease chose to attack, you don’t need to worry a lot because by simply reading this article, you can explore the bronchial cough home remedies.

The spread of virus can never really be avoided now that the season is freezing cold. Because of this, your respiratory system particularly the bronchioles are the number one affected which leads to bronchitis. This will not just make you uncomfortable but will make you hard to breathe as well. Two of the major bronchitis forms are chronic and acute bronchitis but the most ordinary one is the latter. Before it leads to acute bronchitis, you need to make an immediate action by discovering the home remedies which can make the cough stop instantly.

Explore the Bronchial Cough Home Remedies

Turmeric powder is considered as one of the most effective remedies for bronchitis which can be found in your kitchen. You need to take half teaspoon of the turmeric mixed with a glass of milk on a daily basis. It is very ideal to take this just before you eat your meals.

Ginger is also a super remedy for this kind of respiratory disease. All you need to do is mix the ginger powder, cloves and pepper three times a day. It may also be mixed with tea of licked with a sweet honey. According to experts, the combination of these three elements offer antipyretic properties which is known to be very effective in avoiding the risk of fever which will prevent you from going to work. In addition, this kind of property will also aid in boosting up your metabolism.

Another amazing super food which can treat your bronchial cough is onion. In fact, this has been used for centuries as a very effective medicine so no one could ever question its healing properties. With its expectorant properties, the phlegm is dissolved and its further formation is also avoided.

If you think that Popeye can also benefit from spinach, you better think again. By mixing it with water, ammonium chloride and honey, you will already have an effective expectorant.

Another mixture that you will surely enjoy making is the sesame seed mixture which also contains linseed, pinch of salt and honey. You need to take this twice a day for the phlegm to be effectively dissolved.

Almonds are also very essential ones that will be very helpful in combating your bronchial cough. Just like the other home-made recipes, you also need to mix this with another recipe such as the lemon or orange juice.

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