Bronchitis Herbal Remedies

Useful Herbal Remedies for Bronchitis

Bronchitis is a medical condition that should be treated immediately to prevent further complications like pneumonia. Are you eager to know the bronchitis herbal remedies and what it causes to take place? There are numerous herbal remedies for bronchitis that are widely available these days and all of them can treat the condition very well, so let’s start learning them.

Understanding Bronchitis and its Causes

There are cases that you may experience persistent coughing with severe colds that lasts for several days or even weeks and you feel that your lungs is being irritated. Once you are under this condition, you should take action at once since it can be the symptom of bronchitis.

Bronchitis is described as the swelling of the bronchi (passage of airway which is located along the respiratory tract) in the area of the lungs due to an infection from viruses or bacteria. When the thin linings of the mucous membrane of the bronchi become inflamed, this invites the development of mucus or phlegm in the lungs which results to relentless coughing. Normally, this condition goes on for a number of days or weeks depending on its severity.

Bronchitis is categorized into two types: acute and chronic. Acute bronchitis is the condition wherein the cough develops with or without the presence of “sputum” in the respiratory tract and this occurs occasionally if the person suffers from influenza or acute viral rhinopharyngitis (generally known as common cold). On the other hand, chronic bronchitis is being depicted by prolific cough that persists for more than twelve weeks and this is due to the irritants that damaged the bronchi.

The main causes of bronchitis are:

  • Viruses and Bacteria – It is accounted that 90 percent of all the cases of bronchitis is associated with viruses which is also the main cause of influenza and common cold; while only 10 percent is linked to bacterial infections.
  • Cigarette Smoking – Certain substances from the cigarette can irritate the lungs that induce the condition.
  • Environmental Irritants – Air pollution is one of the main irritants which are usually accompanied with dust and chemical fumes.
  • Occupational exposure – People who are working with great exposure to chemical irritants are prone to this condition.
  • Age – Older citizens has high risk to bronchitis because of their poor immune system.

Most Common Bronchitis Herbal Remedies

Once bronchitis strikes you, there are numerous herbal remedies that can be applied to treat the condition as listed at

  • Echinacea – This herbal plant is known to be native in North America and one of the most popular herbal remedy for bronchitis because of its antiviral properties that can kill viruses that causes the ailment. Studies also show that the herb can support in enhancing the immune system in killing the infection as well as in promoting the wellness of the respiratory tract.
  • Golden Seal – Also common in North America, this traditional herb is known in curing inflammations and killing bacteria that causes bronchitis.
  • Thyme – This essentially aromatic herbal plant is best known to cure coughs and bronchitis as well.

More herbal remedies for bronchitis are listed at

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