Bruised Rib Symptoms

Symptoms of Bruised Rib

We can’t lead normal life with bruised ribs. They protect vital organs like heart and lungs. In total 24 ribs are present in rib cages out of which first set of seven ribs are “true ribs.” As these bones are interconnected with spinal cord they need additional protection. Rest portion link them with breast bone with cartilage named costal cartilage. If bruising occurs in ribs whole body gets affected.

Human body carries first seven set of ribs as true ribs and the next three pairs of bones are famous “false ribs.” They are shorter bones that are connected to spine in the back portion of body. Their attachment with true ribs is worth noticeable. The last two sets of ribs named floating ribs are equally important that play crucial role in human bodies. Though they are smaller than false ribs but their roles remain unmatchable.

The moment any of the three categories of ribs face a bruise or contusion whole system of body gets affected. Specialists focus at symptoms before starting treatment and look for the crucial factors that causes bruise in ribs. Often injuries in rib or abdominal portion are considered most important. You may not observe such symptoms in normal circumstances but when severity goes high you feel worst impact that gets noticed for one reason or the other.

Difficulties and Symptoms

One can face difficult situation with bruised rib if level of injury or problem is higher than usual. When such is the case ribs are forced to push themselves against the muscle walls that ultimately cause bruising symptoms that are extremely painful. People prone to such situation are sportspersons especially football players, ice hockey players and or those having met with car accident or other types of accident in which impact on chest is higher. Few diseases like repeated coughing, pneumonia and whooping cough too may be possible symptoms. They are causal factors that develop bruised rib.

Worst Impact

It must be kept in mind that bruised ribs are not easily treatable hence you must give special care to them for better treatment. They are extremely painful hence constant and long time medication and treatment is needed for best healing. The very first step in any treatment is identifying symptoms of bruised rib prior to undergoing a treatment. It keeps you safe from facing worst situation and your treatment too remains suitable.


Necessary safety precautions are mandatory for complete cure from the bruises that you should note carefully. You would feel tenderness near the injury area hence complete care would automatically suppress it from further spreading of this problem. Know how pleuritic pain is extremely painful and whether you face difficulty in taking a deep breath at any point of time. Find out any solution of it if you are truly serious about the safety of your health. 


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