Buying Diabetic Walking Shoes

Shoes for Diabetic Patients

Diabetes is a deadly disease and it needs care at every step. For walking, it is essential that the patients wear appropriate shoes which make their walk a comfortable one. So when it comes to buying diabetic walking shoes one need to be careful enough. Shoes for diabetic patients contain some features which are normally not found in other shoes.

For those suffering from diabetes it is essential to maintain their weight. Doctors basically recommend the diabetic patients to walk regularly so that the disease remains under control. Not any kind of shoe will be good for the diabetic patient. Shoes for diabetics are essential since they also prevent various foot related problems which may arise because of diabetes.

What to look in the Diabetic Shoes

You should regularly watch your foot to see whether there are any blisters or lesions between the toes. It is good if you wear therapeutic shoes for diabetes. There are also available shoes which have a high and a wide toe box so diabetic patients need to wear those. The shoes must make you comfortable and also you can walk easily in them, they must fit your feet properly. Try to have removable insoles in your shoes.

Apart from this there are available seamless diabetic socks and stockings which you need to wear along with the shoes so as to give a better protection to your feet. You also need to apply diabetic foot cream so as to prevent any type of blisters from occurring. It is quite important that apart from wearing shoes you also wash your feet properly daily with warm water.

Qualities of Good Shoes

Walking is quite essential in diabetes as it promotes the circulation in your lower legs and feet. Good walking shoes should not put pressure on your feet, so go for those shoes which provide a ‘soft fit’. The fabric of the shoe should also be smooth. Good diabetic walking shoes should be able to absorb the shock. So the shoes with shock absorbing capability will be able to prevent not just your feet but also knees and hips from injury, which is highly essential. Buy shoes which have a high density sole as well as a wide wedge which will provide stability to your feet.

Since each person’s feet are different so the best thing is to take the advice of shoe expert when you go out to buy the shoe. Walking shoes for diabetic patients must be somewhat flexible also since stiff shoes can cause injury to your feet. They should also have a firm heel counter, a semi rigid shank and a long vamp.

When it comes to buying shoes, the most important thing to remember is that they should bought in the evening when you have walked enough. Lastly, try to consult your podiatrist who will give you a better idea as to which shoes are the best for you.

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