CT Scan Brain Tumour

Getting the Brain Tumour Diagnosed

In order to get the brain tumour diagnosed it is essential to get the CT scan done so as to know the stage of Brain tumour and get the proper treatment done. Ct scans are fast and simple and the result can be known within a few hours. It has no side effects on the body and so it must be performed

A brain tumour is said to be an abnormal mass of tissue which may grow in any part of the brain. In abnormal conditions, the brain cells may multiply in an uncontrolled manner and thereby cause tumour. Brain tumour can occur in any age and to anyone. They are basically of two types- malignant and benign tumours.

Symptoms of Brain Tumour-The very word “Brain Tumour” may spell devastation in the life of the person and it is utmost important to get it checked if one or the following symptoms are present like headache, nausea, vomiting, changes in mood or personality, forgetfulness, numbness. It is important to consult the doctor and get the symptoms checked before it is too late.

CT scan for Brain Tumour- The doctors resort to CT scan or CAT Scan –Computerised Axial Tomography to know the causes of the symptoms and any brain injury, paralysis, or bleeding inside the brain. It is usually done by a radiologist. A CT scan uses x rays to get multiple pictures of the head.

During the test, the person is made to lie on a table which is attached to CT scanner. The head will then be allowed to move inside the scanner and the scanner will send the X-rays of the head, the pictures will be taken from different angles and these are finally saved on to a computer to be read later on. The person has to wear minimum clothes, no jewellery.

Many times iodine dye is put in the vein of the arm as it helps to give a clear picture of the organs. The dye helps in making the detection of brain tumour or blood clot easier. But care should be taken while using it since some people might be allergic to it. The CT scan can be done with or without the dye as well.

A CT scan shows some of the things very clearly like bleeding in the brain, swelling, need for a surgery. Physicians mostly rely on it since it is cost effective than others, also the risk involved is minimum.

Precautions while going for a CT scan- before going for a CT scan it is important for the patient to tell the doctor whether (if women) she is pregnant, breast feeding, or the patient suffers from diabetes, kidney problems, asthma or any other problem so that extra precautions can be taken while conducting the tests. This test takes around 30 minutes and is painless since nothing is injected inside the brain.

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