CT Scan Of Heart

Different Types of CT Scan of Heart

CT scan of heart is an important imaging technique which makes it possible to diagnose the various heart diseases and treat its symptoms. Different types of CT scan of heart have made it possible to have a look at detailed images of the heart which are available within a fraction of second.

CT scan is one of the most advanced diagnostic techniques available in the world. With the help of cross-sectional images, it is able to give a detailed view of the body disease. It helps in analysing different aspects of the heart like heart anatomy, coronary circulation, and diseases of the artery, aorta and veins.

Working of CT Scan of Heart - The CT scanner is nothing but a large x-ray machine with a short, open ended tube in the middle. The patient is made to lie on the table which passes through the scanner. A number of images of the heart are taken at this point in the form of thin slices. Sometimes contrast dye is also injected inside one of the vein of the patient. But if this is done, then you should not eat anything at least from 4 hours before the test. After the test is over you can go on with your normal work routine.

Multi Detector Computed Tomography is fast scanner which helps in taking around 64 slices per second. These scanners are able to obtain pictures of the complete heart in about 1-10 seconds. These scanners are able to determine the amount of calcium which is present in the coronary arteries. This MDCT enables the doctors to understand whether a coronary disease is present and whether there is a need to go for cardiac catheterization.

Different types of CT scan of heart - For diagnosing heart diseases different types of CT scans are present. These include-Calcium Score Screening Heart Scan - It is made use of by the doctor in order to find a cure to various coronary diseases. This test is able to detect the calcium deposits which may be found in the atherosclerotic plaque in the coronary arteries. If calcium is present then the computer will make a ‘score’ that would estimate the magnitude of the disease. This test takes only a few minutes to be completed and no intravenous dye is injected.

Coronary CT Angiography - It is also called as multi detector or multislice CT scanning. It takes around 10 minutes for the test to be completed. High resolution, 3 D images of the moving heart are taken which helps to determine whether calcium deposits have been deposited in the arteries or not.

Total body Scan - It analyses three major parts of the body- lungs, heart, and abdomen. In the heart it finds out whether calcium is deposited inside the arteries so as to know the extent of the disease.
In order to treat the problem of atrial fibrillation, the cardiac CT scan is done which gives the clear pictures of the pulmonary veins and thus help in treatment. This scan also helps to find out the problem of pulmonary embolism.

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Would this CT scan be a better test than a tred mill stress test. Im feeling tired and out of breath, with pressure on my chest at times. My doctor has ordered a stress test to see what is wrong. How much dose this Heart Sacn test cost. Thank you.

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