Calcium Rich Foods

Calcium Rich Foods

What are the foods the provide calcium? Ways of improving your calcium needs. How to have enough calcium in your diet?

There are two ways of improving your calcium requirement; it may be through eating foods that is rich in calcium or taking food supplements for calcium.

Either ways your choose will prevent you of having low level calcium that may result to osteoporosis.

Calcium Rich Foods

Milk Products such as Yogurt, low fat milk, cheese (parmesan, cottage, cheddar, Romano), buttermilk and soymilk provides 280mg of calcium per intake. Vegetables like broccoli, cabbage, spinach and beans. Fishes like salmon, tahini and salmon. Soy, tofu, cereals, papaya, orange juice, collards, rhubarb, kale, artichokes and many other food variation rich in calcium.

The Need for Calcium Supplement

Calcium deficiency will not only result to osteoporosis but may lead to colon and blood diseases. Calcium prevents blood clotting, it helps the heart and muscles function properly.
Aside from the food that you can eat, food supplement increases calcium absorption in the body. Check on the calcium supplement first before purchasing one, ensure yourself that no unwanted chemical is present in the supplement that you will take. Medical advice is recommended.

Ways of improving Calcium Needs

  • Constant worry lessens calcium absorption. Free you self from worry as it affects your body system
  • Check on your calcium supplement first before purchasing, some components may be deceiving
  • Take you calcium supplement one at a time for better absorption of the body.
  • Avoid salty and caffeinated drinks. It decreases calcium in the body
  • Take Vitamin C and Vitamin D all the time for calcium maintenance
  • Avoid eating high fiber food together with high calcium.
  • Exercise is a good calcium boosting activity. It helps you develop better bones
  • Drink a glass of milk per day

Calcium intake need to ne part of our daily diet. There are risks in not doing so. In every age group there is certain amount of calcium requirements. As a person grows older the greater will be the need for calcium is being required.

People may not notice that the food they eat does not contain calcium or may also not be aware that they may be deficient in calcium. It would be a best practice if before we purchase food at groceries, supermarket or even at fast food store, try to research if the food they are serving contains calcium or may be high in fiber that decreases the bodies calcium absorption.

Children nowadays are very keen when it comes to eating junk foods that contains additives and may be very salty. They maybe drinking carbonated drink behind your back or may be eating chocolate more than what is needed by the body and one option of flushing out such food intake is by drinking plenty of water.

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