Can Low Blood Pressure Cause Headaches

Does Low Blood Pressure Causes Headaches

There are so many associated symptoms of low blood pressure of which constant headache is one. But such symptoms depend upon the circumstances under which these issues are tackled and they might have overpowered the sufferer. It should also be noted that it is low blood pressure that keep the blood movement throughout the veins in the body slower. Henceforth its impact can be observed at any point of time through headaches.

There is tremendous difference between low blood pressure or hypotension and high blood pressure. Although sufferers don’t feel direct impact of low blood pressure instantly when it reaches at particular level but its long term impact is worsening. Such symptom is often normal until severity goes high and one feels utmost fatigue that may result into headache. But that stage is the last one in the level of suffering as it remains normal for the maximum extent.

General Symptoms:

Sufferers of low blood pressure may encounter many typical conditions. Feeling dizziness, fainting, irregular heartbeat, loss of consciousness and last but not the least headaches are still considered most common symptoms of low blood pressure. As the symptoms indicate that headache is one of the major symptoms then it can’t be denied that low blood pressure have link with headache. Hence diagnosis of such symptoms must be done effectively.

Why Headaches?

As dizziness or fainting is related to low blood pressure they cause headaches. Such circumstances may occur due to interlinked approach of them all. It is true that in low blood pressure flow of blood automatically go lower. Its worst impact can be seen in the lack of oxygen that would directly affect body as well as brain. Once brain feels loss of oxygen other symptoms too raise and one feels the most noticeable one that come in the form of headaches.


Avoiding consistent headache and dizziness would be foolish act. You may face such symptoms due to low blood pressure. A doctor can better diagnose and help you understand main causes of your headache and whether it has any link with low blood pressure or not. Timely diagnosis and treatment would result into assured benefit. Low blood pressure is treatable symptom, so is possible headaches causing due to that. Early treatment helps body function well and heal it from any external attacks as metabolism of body remains intact.

Preventive Measures:

Doctor’s specialized care is a must in the treatment of low blood pressure which also helps you remain safety from headaches. Treatment is done under the strict vigilance of doctors. But there are certain things that can be practiced at home as well. Prescribed low blood pressure medication is enough to control this and keep headaches under control. Few therapies are also advised. In normal circumstances doctors advise incorporation of electrolytes into diet for maintaining pressure in that.

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Name: D.South

My wife has suffered very severe headaches almost every night for years and the doctors still cannot help. Her blood pressure is 98 / 63 at 60bpm often the rate can be well over 100bpm She is 82 years old and has just about taken as much pain as she can. Can you help?

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