Cancer Information for Kids

What the Kids Need to Know About Cancer

Dealing with a kid suffering from cancer is even more difficult than the dealing with an adult. Cancer information for kids is important since they should know what kind of treatment they are likely to undergo. The kids need to know about cancer so that they are psychologically prepared to deal with the changes in their life.

Though cancer affects adults basically, but sometimes even young kids too can get affected by it. It is really difficult to cope up with the disease for the parents as well as for the kids themselves. It is difficult to explain the reasons why kids may suffer from cancer. The doctor too might find it difficult to figure out that the kid is suffering from cancer because symptoms of cancer like weight loss, feeling tired, swollen glands are associated with other kids’ diseases as well so proper tests have to be conducted. The cure rate for cancer kids is much higher than the adults.

Types of kids’ cancer

The doctor may order for x-ray and later on biopsy to confirm about the disease. There are certain types of cancers which the child may suffer from like – Leukemia, Brain and nervous system cancer, Neuroblastoma, Wilms tumour, Bone Cancer. Once confirmed with the type, the kid may have to undergo chemotherapy, radiation therapy which does have their side effects on the kid. When the treatment is on, it is essential for the kid to take rest, avoid playing and attending school. Avoid your kid from getting in contact with lots of people since they may catch infections easily.

Kids with cancer have to stay at home

Indeed missing schools or friends can make a child feel depressed but it is essential for him to make the best of the time by letting his creative ideas flourish, he can even spend time on internet to remain in touch with friends, listen to music or simply sit in the garden and take in fresh air, the kids may also meet other kids with cancer on the internet and share their experiences.
Parents’ responsibility with regard to kids with cancer

It is indeed a testing time for the parents. They should try their best to keep the kid happy and fulfil his wishes. Make sure that your child gets healthy food. The child may have to stay at the hospitals which are child friendly. Some of the child cancer hospitals have education departments as well. The nurses and doctors are quite friendly. Even when the kid leaves the hospital they will maintain constant touch. Sometimes their ability to learn may also be affected or there may be behavioural changes as well. But these will become normal only after sometime. Parents should tell the kid’s teachers about the problem so that they can support him at school. The parents have to remain mentally strong while tackling their kid.

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