Cancer without Insurance

What to Do When You Have Cancer and No Insurance Cover

Cancer without insurance can be difficult to bear especially for those who are financially weak. So it is essential for those who suffer from cancer and do not have an insurance cover to know what all possible options are available, from where to get the aid and get the treatment done.

Cancer is said to be a costly disease. It is a deadly disease and can wreak havoc with regard to the financial conditions of the person. A number of people resort to insurance cover in order to meet the expenses and reduce the cost of cancer treatment. But the situation becomes all the more grim for people who fail to have any such insurance policy. In most of the cases, people do not have any idea of where to get the financial assistance from.

Tackling Cancer without Insurance

In order to get cancer treatment done without insurance, you need to work out the payment plans with the healthcare providers; you can even request social organisations which are working for cancer patients to share the burden of cost. Another effective strategy is to get help from charitable institutions or non profit organisations which are working in this direction. The charitable societies provide medicines as well as bear the transportation costs.

Every state in America has special programmes that provide help to the children who suffer from cancer. Some charitable hospitals too are available for the same purpose.

Some of the state government’s also run an insurance pool but it is often very expensive. You can also enrol yourself for a government aided plan which is available at the local, federal or state level like- Medicare, Medicaid and Medical Health care. These programmes are able to provide you with much needed financial assistance.

It is no longer a hidden fact that millions of people lose their lives battling against cancer because they could not afford the medical expenses. Reducing the suffering is possible only when medical checkups along with regular treatment are possible. In America, one out 10 persons lack insurance. According to American Cancer Society, as many as 36,377 people die of cancer who couldn’t afford an insurance plan.

What to do if you don’t have insurance

The first thing to do if you do not have insurance cover is to talk to a social worker. Social workers who work with hospitals are very much aware about the programs or services which may be available for the patients.

Health insurance risk pools- these are available in around 34 states of America to the people who have been declared as ‘medically uninsured’. These pools provide financial assistance to those people who have low incomes and also no insurance cover.

Medicaid programme is also available to those people in America who do not have insurance but before joining there are a few guidelines to be met by the patient. You can even contact the local hospitals to know if any form of donor provided aid is available.

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