Cause of Diabetes Type 2

Causes of Type II Diabetes

Type 2 diabetes disease is the result of the body’s failure to produce insulin. Insulin is very important in the blood to be transformed to energy. Unfortunately there is still no cure for type 2 diabetes and also the cause of this disease is still unknown.

Genes, environment, lifestyle, insulin level, glucose production and defective secretion in the intestine are some causes of that might lead to type 2 diabetes.

Today, diabetes has become one of the most common diseases that are suffered by people. Some even are unaware that they have this condition. There are two type of diabetes but the type 2 is the one that is prevalent especially among people ages 45 and above. What is scary about type 2 diabetes is the fact that symptoms can occur only if they are severe already or if the complications are in its serious stage. Type 2 diabetes victims have been steadily increasing due to the fact that people nowadays have a sedentary lifestyle.

Type 2 diabetes is considered to be a metabolic disorder that commonly results to the body’s failure to produce and to properly use insulin. It is sometimes referred to as non-insulin-dependent diabetes mellitus. With the lack of production and utilization of insulin in the body, it can’t give sugar in the blood that produces energy. This kind of disease still has no cure but there are some treatments for it that can help in alleviating it.

There are a lot of symptoms associated with type 2 diabetes. Each person may have experience different symptoms that are different from the rest. This includes high sugar level in the blood and urine. Wound or infections that are not healed right away can be a symptom of type 2 diabetes. Unusual thirst, losing weight, blurred vision, fatigue, and vomiting can be symptoms of this type of diabetes. Some may have mild to no symptoms at all

There are several risk factors that can increase the chance of a person to have acquiring this disease. A person’s day to day activity, lifestyle, family history and many other factors. Take note that although this can increase the factors of getting this disease, these may not necessary be the cause of type 2.

According to research, nobody still knows the main cause of this type of diabetes. However recent study shows that genetic factors play a role in acquiring this disease. The lifestyle of a person can also bring about this kind of diseases. There are a lot of factors that causes this disease. This includes that combination of the genes, environment, unstable insulin level, glucose production in the liver, breakdown of fat and defective secretion in the intestine. The lifestyle of a person can seriously trigger this kind of disease. If a person has type 2 diabetes, he or she may tend to have insulin resistance in the muscles that may result to a drop in the production of insulin. The medicine world is trying to find out why type 2 diabetes occurs. Here are some reasons.

  • There is an elevation of free fatty acids in the body as well as the hormones of resistin and leptin that has been associated with insulin resistance. This is present in the system of an obese person.
  • There is also a research saying that a kind of proteins called the calpains have a role when in it comes to secretion of insulin.
  • For young people, growth hormones are common that increase the risk of insulin resistance.


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