Cause of Dust Allergy and its Treatment

Dust Allergy Treatment Guide

Dust allergy is perhaps among the simplest yet most difficult thing to suffer from. Often times it becomes looked over that much that people hardly realize that what they are already suffering from are dust allergies and not some form of strong opposition against other things.

Dust allergy comes from the simplest things to the most concerning factors.

However, a known major factor which accounts for dust allergy is all those bacteria and dirt which just packs up inside dark places and other hard to reach areas.

Why does dust allergy happen anyway? What are the components which comprise dust? One good answer to that will be that there are actually lots of things that make up dust and they all come in different varieties. You will actually be surprised at how many different particles a pinch of dust can possibly contain. All of these little things are the main reason why dust particles can possibly cause dust allergy. If you put a pinch of dust under a microscope, you will see that there can be particles from paint chippings, body parts of plants and insects, carbon emissions, dust mites, even feces of little tiny creatures.

All of these things can cause dust allergy because of their miniscule appearance. They can easily enter the nostrils and although the cilia technically protect the nose, a hefty presence of these items can lead to blockage. After all, anything else which comes in excess will be a negative thing to have. And as you may have also noticed, these dust particles are also relatively dirty. Expect them to have their own overload of bacteria so you would definitely look forward to one sneeze marathon.

Avoiding the occurrence of dust allergy can actually be an easy thing to get on with. All you need to do is to clean up all the places you frequent especially those dark and narrow places where dust can accumulate easily. The places inside the home which has the tendency to accumulate so much dust are the ones considered to be with high traffic. These are the living room, dining room, and even the bedroom. If you can’t deal with the cleaning on a daily basis because of your busy schedule, just make sure you never skip with cleaning these rooms on a weekly basis. You should also pay attention to specific areas such as corners, door frames, window sills, among others as these are known to be hosting lots of dust particles.

Should you already have a bad case of asthma before hand, you can ask someone else to do the dusting. You can always seek the services of a cleaning lady anyway so there’s absolutely no excuse for you to never clean your home’s rooms. In addition, you can also choose to install air filters inside your home so you can make the dusting procedure a whole lot easier. What happens is that these filters will already catch those unwanted dust particles and hold them so they do not mix with the air that you breathe.

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Name: rishad

i am suffer of dust, smoke and some smell allergy in every 1 to 2 months, initially i get lots of sneezing then pharyngitis later cough with phlegm which longs to 10 to 20 days. antihistamines and antibiotics does not works properly. kindly suggest me is there any drug which boost the immune system and prevent the allergy problem. plz treatment as most urgent.

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