Causes of Astigmatism

Know The Causes Of Astigmatism For Timely Cure

Out of the many causes of astigmatism major one is unnecessary pressure of eyelids on cornea. Sometimes it happens due to incorrect posture. Stressful and increased usage of eyes in minute works is other possible reason. Heredity factors too can be a reason. Cornea becomes scary due to eye injury that changes the path of light entering in eye. Keratoconus is another condition in which cornea’s shape changes.

Surgically induced astigmatism can occur soon after an eye surgery in which sutures that used to be placed tightly causes a bit wrinkling of cornea.

The flaw in eye’s curvature is astigmatism in which refractive errors happen. Cornea of an eye remains smooth in normal circumstances which facilitate it to have sight for each direction. But once astigmatism occurs the shape of cornea modifies and causes the problem of blurred vision. It must be noted that astigmatism is not an eye disease. This symptom is merely a variation in the way eye is shaped. The degree of corneal disturbance cause either moderate or severe astigmatism problem.

Major Symptoms: Blurred vision is common symptom of astigmatism. Sufferers may have vertical, horizontal and diagonal line distortions in cornea. Other related symptoms are frequent headache, feeling extreme fatigue, squinting, eye discomfort and irritation etc. Consult an experienced ophthalmologist in case you experience such symptoms and go for an eye check up immediately.

Major Causes: It must be brought into notice that reading in poor light, squinting or sitting too close to television are in fact not the major causes of astigmatism. Eye injury, other diseases and some surgery too can cause astigmatism. Furthermore, astigmatism may also occur from birth itself that turn chronic on the later stage if not diagnosed and treated properly. Differed vision conditions like myopia and hyperopia too may cause astigmatism. But still its specific cause has not come into limelight. An assumption is that such situation arises hereditarily as well.

Diagnosis And Treatment: Doctors diagnose astigmatism in their routine eye check-ups when they assess refraction and visual acuteness through applying particular standard eye chart. Some ophthalmologists make query about the current status of vision before conducting visual acuity tests. Use of keratometer or keratoscope is an advanced version to check the curvature of cornea for investigating astigmatism and to get information whether it is in the moderate or chronic stage.

Successful corneal modification procedure named orthokeratology is considered effective option to treat astigmatism. This process is painless and non-invasive too. Likewise laser surgery is another possible treatment for some astigmatism cases through which the shape of cornea is made normal by removing some eye tissues. Highly focused laser beam is used on the surface of the eye in this treatment.

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