Causes of High Blood Pressure in Young People

Things to know about High Blood in Teenagers

There are many causes of high blood pressure in young people. This is mainly attributed to unhealthy lifestyle and gained weight. Blood pressure can cause damages to the body of teenagers. In fact a lot of them are overweight that leads to this problem. Proper exercise and right diet is the key to blood pressure control.

High blood pressure is similarly common in young people as it is common in the older and aged people. The reasons can vary from one person to other and from one geographical region to other. The problem of high blood pressure is very common in young people, especially under the age of 35. It is a common practice among men to have more hypertension and fewer visits to a doctor. In fact the high blood pressure can be simply because of overweight or any other change in life style but most of the people do not try to seek for the cure. This should not be the practice of an intelligent young professional.

Blood Pressure can cause other Damages in Young People

Hypertension problems that are not treated within a defined period of time can damage different organs of your body and can become really dangerous for the life as well. Many heart diseases can pop up due to untreated hypertension. Stroke and kidney diseases are the mostly attained diseases by high blood pressure patients. This is also called as ‘silent killer’, because of the fact that it shows its symptoms after damaging much of your body. Therefore, regular check up and early care is the only way to live happy and healthier life.


According to international standard setting bodies, it is suggested that normal blood pressure in young people should be of 120/80, pre-hypertension range is 120-139/80-89, hypertension range is 140/90 and stage 2 hypertension range is 160/100. Here the numerator above the oblique sign shows the pressure of the blood on the artery walls and the denominator shows the pressure between the heart beats. The upper number is also known as systolic pressure while the lower number is also termed as diastolic pressure.

High Blood Pressure in Young People in Comparison with Older People

The systolic pressure is more in older people while diastolic pressure is more in younger people. It means that younger people have high heart beat pressure while older people have high pressure of blood against the arteries. The main reason for high blood pressure in young people is the gained mass. The greater mass requires heart to put higher pressure on arteries to pump the blood throughout the body. Therefore, a young person should initially control his or her weight in order to prevent high blood pressure. Having a healthy and slim diet is the first step in avoiding high blood pressure.

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