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Most of us encounter stomach gas problems at certain time period. Burping or passing stomach gas through rectum eases the problem but ultimately treatment has to be done timely for better care and overall fitness. Usually stomach gas is made of odorless vapor including carbon dioxide, oxygen, nitrogen, hydrogen and methane amongst others. Bacteria in large intestine make stomach gas problematic with unpleasant odor which if often unbearable.

Prior to understanding causes of stomach gas we must know complications involved. There is nothing worrisome in general circumstances because stomach gas produces commonly. But it can become uncomfortable and embarrassing once it impacts sufferer badly. Treatments are done easily hence there is nothing to worry as regards to finding relief of such gas. It is therefore important to understand main reasons of stomach gas and most important causes.

There are two major causes of gas formation in digestive tract. Swallowed air in esophagus, stomach, small intestine and large intestine coming from various sources are ultimate reasons of gas formation in stomach. Secondly gas formation is also possible due to normal breakdown of few undigested foods through harmless bacteria. Such bacterial elements remain in large intestine or colon and creates atmosphere for stomach gas formation.

Gas Formation: One of the most noticeable reasons of stomach gas is burping or belching. It is a major tool through which we often take in unnecessary swallowed air which causes difficulties – most important one is formation of stomach gas. Swallowed air has the ingredients of nitrogen, oxygen and carbon dioxide. Rest of the stomach gas shift into small intestine and absorbs there. Stomach gas formed due to such archetypal conditions shifts into large intestine so that it can get released from there through rectum.

Other common cause of stomach gas formation is breakdown of undigested foods. In case body fails to digest and absorb few carbohydrates like sugar, starches and fiber formation of stomach gas starts forming. Absence of few enzymes in small intestine can be most common cause of formation of stomach gas. Additional production of methane is another common reason. Factors may vary due to one reason or the other. Knowing few major symptoms and problems of stomach gas would ease your problem. Issues of flatulence, abdominal bloating, abdominal pain and belching are major symptoms of stomach gas. Too little stomach acid, lack of bowel movements and Candida overgrowth are crucial factors.

Aerophagia: Called aerophagia in the medical terminology, swallowed air is one of the common reasons for causing gas in stomach. Whenever we eat or drink, most of us swallow small amount of air. Some of us take in more air if eat or drink anything in haste. Same is the case while we chew gums, smoke and wear loose dentures. Resultantly we become victims of stomach gas due to the intake of additional air inside.

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