Chemotherapy for Brain Tumors

Brain Tumors Treatment by Chemotherapy

Role of chemotherapy in treating brain tumors has been acknowledged by all medical researchers. Chemotherapy for brain tumor prove worthy if done in post surgeries. It is effective like initial radiation techniques in case of malignant brain tumor. Chances of survival are high in this case hence they are always given preference. Research findings assure that sufferers taking primary chemotherapy expect to have maximum benefit. They are assured early recovery.

Success of chemotherapy in treating brain tumor is based on new factor that got identified by medical researches recently. The positive prognosis is made a reality no matter what are the aspects in such treatments. There are countless suffers of glioma today. It is one of the major malignant brain tumors identified nowadays. Small numbers of primary brain tumors come into anaplastic glioma category. Positive sign with them is that they respond to the treatments but the effectiveness is more in chemotherapies.


Though sufferers survive more after chemotherapy but one can’t expect longer life after these treatments. Main problem with tumors is branching out uncontrollably. It ultimately affects surrounding tissues hence complete removal of brain tumor is still a distant dream. But one can definitely expect sufficient repression through chemotherapy. Combination treatment options are prevalent in which chemotherapies go along radiochemotherapy. Radiation and chemotherapy keep better control over spreading of tissues. Perhaps it is a main reason that chemotherapy comes in the list of standard treatment options.

Side Effects:

Chemotherapy is good treatment option for controlling brain tumor but sufferers may also face several challenging situations. Risk of long-term toxicity to healthy brain tissues is the main setback that invites a situation in which sufferers can loose their cognitive abilities. But still chemotherapy is preferred because of its effectiveness in keeping brain tumor under control. In usual cases brain tumors are treated satisfactorily through either radiation or surgery.

But chemotherapy is done only when there is the case of benign tumor. It should be noted that chemotherapy is still not considered effective to treat malignant primary brain tumors and few metastatic tumors are also included. If you know such aspects you can take better decision.

Related Problems:

No doubt chemotherapy is done to treat brain tumors but it has one more problem. This therapy, once applied, results into various side effects that have been already discussed above. Severity of the case is analyzed when one knows about the interruption this therapy does with mitosis in which cell division is formulated. In normal circumstances brain tumors grow slowly. If chemotherapy is applied for further slowing outcome would be better. But worst affects always haunt. Few major chemical agents that cross blood-brain barrier to suppress tumor may invite worst situation. Chemicals are meant to poison tumor cells in chemotherapy.

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