Chest Pain in Low Blood Pressure

Low Blood Pressure Leads to Chest Pain

Low blood pressure leads to chest pain. When the flow of blood is extremely low it may lead to lesser amount of oxygen being passed to the brain, heart, kidneys and various other organs of the body. Chest pain in low blood pressure is a common problem faced by a number of people.

In the absence of adequate amount of oxygen and various other vital nutrients in the body the body may suffer from damage as the organs may not be able to function properly. This is the situation in case of extreme low blood pressure.

People who exercise regularly and remain active and fit tend to have a lower blood pressure and thus they are prevented from developing various kinds of diseases like heart attacks, kidney failure. So people who maintain an ideal body weight are prevented from such serious diseases. But if the blood pressure becomes excessively low then indeed it is a sign of caution.

The Symptoms of Low Blood Pressure

These become all the more visible when a person stands from a sitting or lying position. When the person stands his situation may aggravate further to a considerable extent. The person may suffer from light headedness, dizziness and even faintness, the situation is referred to as orthostatic hypotension.

In the same manner when the supply of oxygen is low to the coronary arteries the person may suffer from severe pain in the chest which is one of the symptoms of angina or in the long run even suffer from heart attack. If the pain in the chest continues for a longer period of time then it is essential that you may consult a cardiologist, rather than ignoring it. He may ask you to undergo various tests to conclude the possible reasons for the chest pain. Very low blood pressure is said to be life threatening.

The body has a number of mechanisms with the help of which blood pressure is kept under control. But if any of these mechanisms tend to function improperly then the pain in the chest may worsen.

Malfunctioning of Body Mechanisms

There are a number of causes due to which mechanisms in the body may malfunction. This may occur because of a heart attack, disorder in the heart valve, a sudden increase or decrease in the heart beat, or abnormality in the rhythm of the heart. These disorders are sometimes responsible for the disorder in the pumping by heart. This situation if goes out of control may even cause kidney failure. Low blood pressure may cause shortness in the breath and chest pain when the supply of blood to the heart muscles in inadequate.

It is essential that you give prime emphasis on what you eat, avoid spicy and fatty foods, and make it a routine to exercise regularly. These small steps will go a long way in curing your problems. Never ignore the chest pain, consult your doctor as you as possible.

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Name: wasi

thanks for such good information

Name: angela harrington

I have had chest pain now for a few days and my blood pressure reading is around 80/55. I typically have low blood pressure but not this low....should I go to the ER. I am also tired and running a low grade fever.

Name: Amdetsion Demelash

i have a chest pain for long time.i had ecg bit it shows what should i the way i have blood pressure.please peescribe me something relevant.thank you!

Name: Chris

Just went for physical. BP 91/55, i exercise 3-5 times a week and am 49. very good condition i would think 11% body fat, 6' and 175lb. I do have a very slight tightness in the chest which i have felt for months. but no pain.Seldom, but at times some dizzyness when standing quickly. Should i be concerned... curious to see your answer to angelas comment above. but i have no fever or tiredness.

Name: josephalston

my blood pressure is normal but i have chest tightness should i go to the er

Name: Shannon Helton

Im on meds for high BP. But have had chest neck & rib pains over 24hr now. Checked BP & itís very low! 93/53 what do I do??? I tried black coffee & salt. Not working.

Name: priti

my bp is 90/50 and I have chest pain steel 3 days I take lemon water and acidity medicen

Name: priti

my bp is 90/50 and I have chest pain steel 3 days I take lemon water and acidity medicen

Name: priti

my bp is 90/50 and I have chest pain steel 3 days I take lemon water and acidity medicen

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