Children with Diabetes

Diabetes in Children

The medicine world has a lot of mysteries that may need more explanation and one of them involves diabetes and children. According to the recent survey, 90% of children under the age of 16 are diagnosed with type 1 diabetes. Also type 2 diabetes cases in children are also increasing in number as well.

Type 1 is a kind of diabetes characterized by the inability of pancreas when it comes to producing insulin. This is responsible for breaking down glucose in the blood.

This usually takes place when the defense mechanism of the body fails and therefore killing the insulin producing cells. The treatment for this is manual injection of insulin which needs to be done on a regular basis. On the other hand type 2 kind of diabetes where in the body has become resistant to the insulin being produced. Insulin production is normal but the body doesn’t accept it so it has no effect. This could be treated by having a good diet, proper exercise and insulin medication. According to studies, lack of exercise and poor diet play a huge part when it comes to triggering type 2 diabetes. Nowadays children are becoming obese due to the lifestyle. This has an increase when it comes to children having type 2 diabetes. The cause of type 1 diabetes among children is not known but some experts believed that genes and environment play a huge factor.

In reality people having diabetes in the early stage actually live longer than those ones incurring this disease later on. This is because children got the habit of controlling the diabetes by actually undergoing treatment and having a healthy lifestyle. If you are a parent of a child with diabetes, it is important to always check the glucose level and watch out if it is getting low. You need to always have an access to candy or something sweet. You also need to schedule a regular visit to the doctor for check up when it comes to kidney and eye problems. This is so important because these two are the commonly affected areas when it comes to diabetes.

The symptoms of diabetes in children are quite similar with the adults. Being thirsty and frequent need to visit the comfort room are the most obvious reasons for diabetes. This two could be linked. You also need to watch out for weakness, fatigue and sudden loss of weight. Some children also complain for stomachache and headache that is attributed to this disease. In some cases, a child may suffer from unconsciousness. If this happens, you need to seek help right away.

There are doctors that specialize in treating diabetes among children. There are some children that are taken care by the hospital itself rather than seeking their own pediatrician. The most common treatment is insulin injection that is needed regularly. Usually for children, you only need a small dosage. Glucose control and avoiding glucose attack is very important. As a parent, you need to monitor the diet and activity level of your kid.

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