Chinese Herbs for Diabetes

Benefits of Chinese Herbs in Diabetes

Chinese herbs for diabetes treatment have been known to be effective since ages. Some of these are taken in combination with the oral drug therapy and have been known to be effective in reducing the glucose levels. One should know the various Chinese herbs which are beneficial in diabetes so as to provide relief to the patient.

Chinese ancestors have always realised their quest for nature in finding herbs for various medicines and so the herbs for diabetes too is a result of thousands of years of research. In Chinese medicine, diabetes is said to be caused because of the disharmony in the body called as Wasting and Thirsting Syndrome. This is so because diabetic patients suffer from frequent thirst and hunger problem. A number of herbs in China are known to be effective in curing in this disease.

Chinese Herbs Useful in Diabetes Treatment

Various Chinese herbs have been known to reduce the glucose level like Jiang Can, Jiang Can, Li Zhi He,Yu Mi Xu ,Di Gu Pi. But you also need to consult a good and trained herbalist before you start taking these herbs.
Yu Xiao San is a Chinese herb which helps in restoring pancreatic function and also increases insulin beta cells. It is also known to lower the blood sugar level and also help in increasing the insulin secretion. Along with that it regulates carbohydrate metabolism, improves blood circulation, lowers the cholesterol level and also enhances immunity of the body. Berberine is another Chinese herb which has been known to significantly lower the blood sugar level in diabetic patients.

The herb -Mai men dong also promises a lot in the treatment of diabetes. It can potentially regenerate the cells in the Islets of Langerhans in the pancreas. The cells are responsible for the proper production of insulin and hence are important. Tian hua fen also holds great news for diabetics. It is a common herb used in diabetes and regulates the sugar level. Ming Mu Di Huang Wan is the herb which is used in the treatment of eye problems which are commonly seen in diabetic patients.

Herbs according to Specific Problems

Oplopanax horridus (Devil's Club Root Bark) helps to restore the pancreatic functions, lowers blood sugar level and thus serves as an effective cure for diabetes. Chen pi- also known as longevity herb is also an important herb for diabetes. Jiao gu lan increases vigour, improves digestion, strengthen the mind and enhances the overall health of the individual.

For the diabetic patients who suffer from complications in stomach and spleen and thereby resulting in thirst and hunger the Chinese medicine Bai Hu Tang Wan is used while if the diabetic complications are more severe in kidneys leading to frequent urination than Jin Gui Shen Qi Wan is the best herbal medicine.

The best thing in the Chinese medicine is that the medicines are prescribed as per the unique requirements of the person concerned and no common prescription is given to all the diabetic patients.

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